Geesh.  Make that 41 pages done!  I’ve been squeezing in any second I can find…since I have only 2 weeks to finish my 2010 scrapbook album.

The outline shows it will be 95 pages when finished.  I only have 13 blank pages left- and considering I got 15 pages done last Sunday alone, I think there’s an excellent chance I’ll have the book finished before the end of the weekend!  Then I can save 50% off the price (my consultant discount gets me 30% and there’s a sale for 20% off right now!).

This year I’m trying something different…. although the album is in chronological order, we did do some home and yard improvements that I decided I’d lump together at the end of the book- the very last pages after Christmas.  Might look weird, but I like the idea of having those pages lumped together and in an easy to find spot should I ever need to look back for them.

Here’s a sampling of what I’ve done this past week: