As I mentioned in a previous post, we were wanting to spruce up our flower beds with some late blooming plants, so we made a stop at Farmington Gardens on Sunday to see what was out there.  We came home with these:

3 1-gallon size “Homestead Purple” Verbena

2 varieties of Agastache: “Summer Sky” and “Summer Fiesta”:

We also picked up a mini daylily called “Happy Returns”.  They are just like our bigger version but smaller so we can plant them at the front of our flower beds:

We also picked up two “fancy” plants….

One is a “Crown Jewels” Hibiscus, which is supposed to grow about three feet tall and have blooms up to 10″ in diameter:

The other is called “The President” and it’s a Canna Lily:

For now these are all sitting in their pots, and sometime in the next couple weeks (after our party) we will plant them in their new locations. 

So here’s a “before” picture:

… and next year when everything is mature and lush I’ll post the “after” picture.  We have a lot of work to do, besides just planting the new purchases.  We have an over abundance of giant Day Lily plants and some smaller purple Lilies that I want to divide and fill in the back side of the raised flower bed. I want to divide our Calla Lily plants also- spread them out some.  And our 2 dislocated blueberry bushes and 2 “Earth Day” trees need to find better homes within our yard as well.  Stay tuned!