Gosh the bedroom makeover is going S-L-O-W.  But there is progress.

Here’s our bedroom before it was expanded:

Here it is today:

Still not finished, but at least we have some things on the wall, something to look at besides the ginormous bed and acres of brown-paper-sack-colored walls.  We also found a decorating solution for the little nook space:

Still no closet door or door trim up….still no window treatment other than the temporary sheers I hung….but it’s this potbelly stove the cutest thing ever?

Here’s a close-up of the table area along the wall:

Jim says I need to hang the mirror higher….maybe I should have hung the empty frames lower?  Dunno.

Most of this stuff we picked up at garage sales.

Like this ornate cross wall sconce:

And these wine boxes:

And these empty frames- they are trimmed with black velvet!  For now they will remain empty.  I may put a picture in them, or just leave them as-is and maybe put some vinyl lettering on the wall behind them.

These candle holders also came from garage sales…actually the candles did too!

One of the candle holders sits on a book.  We found this up at Jim’s mom’s place when we were helping her clean out the old house.  Jim received this old Thesaurus from his Grandmother when he went off to college..and she received it from her mother back in 1942!  I just love the look and personal touch.

I have grand plans to hang some sort of panels behind the bed, or finding an ornate headboard to fill up some of that wall space.  Riley also painted us a picture a couple years ago which I have framed, but eventually I’d like to have it transferred to canvas (via Costco) so we can have it as a large original piece of art!

So there’s our progress….. it’s coming along, just slooooooow.