We are gearing up for our annual Summer Bash.  To lessen the stress the week of the party, we spent time this weekend washing all the patio chairs, weeding the yard, cleaning the dog kennel, pruning trees and shrubs, washing window screens and windows, washing the siding where the dog rubs up against the house or mud splatters up against the house, we finished spreading the sand on our paver patio, and we hung the bamboo lights on our back fence… we feel like we’re pretty party ready!

Saturday we our hallway carpet was installed- unfortunately it’s not an exact match.  The color is off and the texture is even slightly different.  But after getting a large remnant down from the attic (from our 2007 recarpeting) and comparing it with the new carpet, it’s really pretty darn close.  Close enough that I don’t think most people would realize it’s different.  However, until the hall carpet gets more wear and tear on it, it definitely stands out!  I had no idea that our carpet was so dingy.  A good steam cleaning is in order for after our party!

After the carpet was installed we finally hung Trevor’s bedroom door.  It still needs trim, but it was too hot to go up in the attic and sort through our scraps.  We’ll save that for later this Summer….er, Fall.

I got a new ‘do Saturday afternoon….went for something shorter and sassier again:

I also scrubbed my hair with Prell shampoo, trying to wash all the temporary color out.  It will take a few more washings- with super long soaks.

Jim made a batch of Baby Back ribs for dinner- his 4th try so far- and they were perfect!  Soooooo yummy!  (no pics of that, sorry!)

On Sunday our neighbor popped over to say he didn’t like the sap and leaves (from our  small-leaf maple tree) falling on his new car.  The scoop: he’s lived next door for 38 years….we’ve lived here for 16 years….the tree has been there long before us….he’s always parked in the garage….he bought a new car last month that stays in his driveway….the tree branches hang over his driveway some….there’s stuff falling on his car.

He asked us if he could hire someone to trim it back so it doesn’t hang over his car or over his gutters, and we said sure, but asked that if he wants to cut that much off, he needs to have the tree guy cut some off our side to help balance it out.    Long story short, tree guys show up, $25.00 to have our side trimmed….we gave the go ahead, and whoah!!!  Our tree is much shorter now!  They took off a lot more than we were expecting, but oh well.  It will fill in again.

As Jim and I sat in our backyard enjoying the cool breeze and relaxing….we realized that all our flowering plants are nearing the end of their bloom cycle.  Guess it’s time to hit Farmington Gardens to see what options we have for late blooming plants for next year.

Cuz all this color….

…will be gone in a couple weeks!