Riley FINALLY got her new light fixture installed.  Yes, we are moving that slow around here.  We ordered it back in April, and it was finally delivered early June (after being on backorder again and again) and Jim finally found a free hour to install it for her.

It’s very modern- almost “too” modern for our liking but it’s what SHE likes so we went with it.

It’s actually really bright and I like the ‘star’ it illuminates on the ceiling when it’s on.  I couldn’t quite capture it with this photograph.

Since she didn’t choose a ceiling fan for her bedroom (Trevor and Brooke both did) and her bedroom has two exterior walls (South and West) she needs something to keep her cool at night.  Enter this:

A garage sale SCORE over the weekend!  We paid a whopping $3.00 for this bad boy!  I was prepared to pay $5 or $7 or maybe even $10 or $15!!  When we got home Riley cleaned it all up (it was in really good shape and just needed a light dusting) and she fired it up and she’s sooooo excited.  It even has a remote control!  I looked online for these and they are $50-$100 new depending on options/size/materials etc.

So now Riley’s room is lit…and cooled….but we still need to find a desk, nightstand and hang some shelves.