When I scheduled these three days off last year, the intent was to go on an extended weekend camping trip.  We booked a site at Lapine State Park.

When Jim’s company scheduled a 6-week training program encompassing those days, therefore not enabling Jim to get those days off work- I canceled our camping reservations.

So now what do I do with those three days?  Do I just keep working and tell the parents I’m open?  The money would be nice, because I’m taking these 3 days off without pay.

But after much deliberation, we decided I should just keep those days off work and enjoy them with our kids- it’s rare I get a day off to simply stay home- I usually only take days off for vacations, holidays or surgeries!!  These days are already on the calendar and parents are expecting me to be closed….so just take advantage and have fun!

Then Jim’s company canceled the 6-week training.  Now we could go on a 5-day vacation…then we realized Jim had turned those vacation days back in when we did our addition in April/May, so I still had the time off, but he didn’t.

So it was decided I should just keep those 3 days off and enjoy them with my kiddos.  I envisioned taking the kids to the pool to swim, where I could catch some sun myself! Getting donuts in the morning, making a trip to the library, getting a pedicure for myself…and maybe a Starbucks along the way. Friday would be filled with garage sales and simply having FUN.  Maybe in my spare time I’d do some scrapbooking or get caught up on paperwork and filing.  Keep it light, keep it enjoyable.

But then two weeks ago I got the brilliant idea that I should schedule and/or move our various doctor and dentist appointments to take place on those days off…since I have them off.   Working from home from 7am to 4:30pm doesn’t give me the option to make appointments for me or the kids- unless I close early or open late (inconveniencing 3-5 families) or find a sub to cover that time for me (and if I’m lucky a FREE sub!).

And so that’s what I did.  I now have three days off jam packed with appointments.

All three days the kids have swim lessons that I plan to go watch (because I can, and because I should, and because I want to).  It’s my only chance to see my kiddos swim.  So that will tie me up for a good 2 hours each morning.

Wednesday afternoon I get to spend 2.5 hours (plus travel time) in downtown Portland getting my first mammogram, with an ultrasound too.  Goodie. 

Thursday lunchtime I get to spend an hour+ at the dentist office getting my teeth cleaned and Brooke’s as well.  Fun.

That same afternoon I get to take Trevor to the Orthodontist for his 6-week adjustment.

Friday is appointment free….at the moment.

So basically, my days are booked and it’s not going to be the relaxing-yet-fun-I’m-gonna-get-caught-up-on-scrapbooking-or-paperwork kind of vacation.

It was still sort of there….until 2 days ago.  We decided this weekend would be the weekend we finally install our new patio and reconnect our backyard path.  So my “free” time will probably be spent painting exterior window trim, the skylights and the back patio “ceiling” and posts, counting and moving pavers, calculating sand and ordering it to be delivered, counting additional pavers needed and ordering those too…

Is this where people say they need a vacation from their vacation?

I knew I should have found full day/overnight daycare for my kiddos and just taken myself to the beach!!  Now THAT would have been a great way to spend these 3 days.