Not simultaneously of course….but this is what the kids on the 4th of July.  We had spent the weekend up at the ranch working on clean-up and to reward the kids for such a job well done (and to give ourselves a break and do something for Independence Day- since we weren’t going to be lighting any fireworks or going to any fireworks display) we promised we’d spend the afternoon at Grammy’s property in Wonderland so they could go swimming and take a spin or two in the golf cart.

First up…the pool.

It was quite warm that day (80’s) and Jim and I were glad to see a patch of shade for us to sit in at the edge of the pool so the kids could swim.  We didn’t pack goggles or swim toys with us, so we improvised and threw pennies and nickels into the pool for the kids to dive down and find.  Of course without goggles they couldn’t see as well and they complained that their eyes were burning….but nonetheless they spent THREE hours swimming in the pool.

After swimming the kids took turns riding in (or driving!) the golf cart.  Trevor was the first to drive (with just Jim in the cart).  Then he gave me and Riley a ride.  Then he got out and Riley got a turn driving.  And she took Jim around and Grammy around…then Trevor drove around by himself a bunch.  Grammy even took Brooke for a ride and let her steer (sort of). The kids had a blast with it!

And of course we have to add a silly Brooke picture:

And here’s how Trevor spent his time (when he wasn’t in the golf cart or swimming at the pool):

And here’s me enjoying the time to relax:

And here’s my view: