Our fancy walk in closet is complete!!

We stared at our empty closet for a week or so, trying to decide what we wanted to do exactly.

Do we keep it simple and just move our dressers in and put up a couple closet rods?  Do we do a full wraparound closet organizer like you see on the ClosetsToGo website?  Do we build one using components from a local building supply store- like the Closetmaid brand?

On one of our Lowe’s trips we decided to look at their closet organizers and came across this:


At $429 it’s a heckuvalot cheaper than $954 to piece together a similar closet using separate components from Home Depot or Lowe’s, and way better than $2000-$4000 for a custom “Closets-To-Go” or “California Closets” setup.  Eek!

Anyway, we decided to pick up two units, one for each side of the closet.

I also ordered some bamboo shoe racks that we previously purchased at Costco for $23.99, but this time I wanted the dark espresso color and I found them for cheaper at Wal-Mart online- we had them shipped to the new Cornelius store to pick up (free shipping that way!)

But now that our closet organizer is set up and in place, I’m not so sure we have the room for those….oopsie!

Our closet is still a work in progress….but here’s a photo parade to show you what we’ve done:

Here’s the overall “room”:

Jim’s side looks quite nice, quite masculine:

He has lots of storage area above his side of the closet:

We plan to add a shelf to make that space more useful.  The shelf will most likely wrap around to my side (on both sides) above the door and the window so I can gain a little more storage space as well.

Here’s my side:

We put my dresser in there, simply because I wasn’t sure what else to do with my socks and swimsuits and PJ’s/sweats and other lesser worn clothes.

We have plans to maybe refinish the dresser to match, although I think I’d rather just replace it or add more shelves and put that stuff in decorative boxes.  Dunno.

Because of the transom window, we had to hang it a little high:

Which means useless storage space for the top shelf:

Plus I can’t reach it anyway.

This is my favorite spot:

I just love how it looks like a boutique!

And of course I need to have all my pants facing the same direction on identical hangers.  And I LOVE the look of wood hangers, but can’t afford to replace ALL of my hangers.  So just the items on the bottom rod and my “dress” rod are on wood hangers.

I still need to find a place for my shoes.  This $14 item from Target works for now:

But I have about 10 more pairs of shoes that need to find a home.

Oh, and lookie what we’re going to do for our closet pocket door (this is NOT our door/house/room…just something I saw online that intrigued me):

Finding a glass door for under $250 was hard….so we bought one of these (but without the doornob hole) that we will need to finish ourselves.  I really didn’t want the “grid” style, but I think it will be OK.  I will be frosting the glass so it’s not completely see-thru.

We are trying to decide if we want to paint it white to match our other doors…..or paint it dark espresso to match the closet- and then I guess we would trim that door with espresso wood?  Hmmm….what’s your opinion?