I was happy with the styling of our bedroom pre-addition:

It was basic, simple and I loved the dark colors.

Now our room is much larger.  Well, only 4’5″ longer, but that four feet makes a significant difference!  And having the nook on the side of the room by the closet also adds dimension.  I’ve been at a loss on how I want to decorate the space.

I love my comforter so that will stay.

I think our new closet organizer is the driver of our new bedroom.  The wood smells sooo good…heavy oil and stain….almost exotic.  Makes me think of old world type furniture- heavy, dark, lots of stain and oil.  So that got me started thinking DARK….

This is the ceiling fan we picked up for our room, which also helped to set the tone:

After thinking about the two together, and our ‘ornate’ comforter, I came up with doing our bedroom in a Mediterranean or Old World type theme.

Like this:

(picture from http://www.accentsofsalado.com)

or this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

See where I’m going?  Heavy, dark, ornate.

If dark wood will be part of our color theme…that means new dressers, or stripping our dressers from their golden pine color and staining them a dark espresso.  Or just saying wood goes with wood no matter what the color.  The Nate Berkus show says your furniture pieces shouldn’t be matchy matchy, they should each have a distinct and unique style and place.  Like this room.

So I guess the next step is to change out our headboard and consider refinishing our night stands.  Art and decor will have to wait…