I thought it would be fun to post some before and after’s of the most improved areas in our home.

When I moved into Jim’s house, it had dark wood trim, dark flat doors, orange drapes, brown multi-toned 1970’s carpet, yellowed kitchen linoleum, brown floral wallpaper in the dining room….popcorn ceilings and every wall was a dingy cream color…it wasn’t very pretty.

The first thing we did, before I even moved in, was paint all the ceilings a brighter white, remove the wallpaper in the dining room, remove the orange drapes and then paint all the walls a bright white.

Then slowly but surely we replaced the floor trim, painted all the window sills, and replaced all the doors with 6-panel white doors.  Then we started adding color back to the walls. 

I didn’t take very many pictures of the spaces before I moved in, but did manage to take a few after I moved in as we began to make improvements.  So here’s a couple of before and after pictures, to show how much of a difference some flooring and paint can make…and furniture, and light fixtures, and removing walls, etc.  Ha!!


We still have the same dark brown door but we removed the wall/partition, widened the floor area and replaced it with Pergo, and replaced the ceiling fixture with can lights (to be more cohesive with the living room space).   We put up a track light system where the partiton wall was- because we didn’t want to mess with texturing that strip of ceiling to match.  When we get ready to remove the popcorn ceiling and retexture that room, the track light fixture will come down as well.


We’ve also added furniture to make the space more functional (and hold all the shoes, coats and diaper bags that come with the daycare kiddos). 
This is how it looks during the daytime:




Fortunately Jim had replaced the cupboards and counter tops the year before we started dating, and he made some good choices there! 
But here’s how the room looked shortly after I moved in:


And here it is now:

Updated appliances, Pergo flooring, painted walls, skylights, can lights and retextured ceiling.  And we took out some major wall sections with our 2007 remodel.


Our Front Room is an ever evolving room.  It was a formal living room for the first 4 years, then a game room for the next 5 years, and now it’s the kids’ living room.

When I moved in:

As a Living Room:

As a Game Room:


With the current arrangement and colors and recent furniture additions (the two leather ottomans and the storage cabinets) I’m content with the fireplace as it is.  No plans to reface it anytime soon.