Today is THE day, the day construction begins on our addition.  Crazy crazy crazy times ahead.

Anyway, since we were ready ahead of schedule, we had no “work” to do this weekend.  Friday night I went and picked up a  Godfather’s pizza- thinking I wanted something better than a take-and-bake and well, we deserved it after working so hard all week long.

I went through their take-out drive through and gave the gal my American Express and name and told her I was there to pick up 2 pizzas.  She left the window and a few seconds later a male came to the window and asked if I was being helped, I replied yes.  Then she came back with the pizzas and credit card slip and just before I pulled away she says, “Hey, I’m sorry about my boss being a dork.  He knew I was helping you already, he just thought you were pretty and wanted to get a better look.  Sorry!”

Awwww… made my day.  I was smiling alllll the way back home.  And of course had to brag to Jim.

Jim had built a fire in the outdoor fire pit and the kids were outside playing.  He had a beer ready for me and we ate our dinner outside enjoying the spring evening.  It was decently warm, and dry for once!  But too windy for our smokey fire and we decided to stop suffering with hacking and choking and retreat indoors.  We watched Grown-Ups and went to bed around 9:00.  Jim had to work on Saturday.

Saturday I made the kids apple pancakes for breakfast, then took them to the Hillsboro library where they each picked out three books and we stopped at the cafe for donut holes. Then we did a little shopping and headed home to get ready for Trevor’s soccer game.  The game went well- very competitive with 0-0 at half-time and a final score of 4-3.  We lost, but we don’t count one of their goals anyway since it was a penalty kick that resulted in the goal.  Oh, and our goalie rolled into the goal once giving the other team a point.  Hee hee.

Jim was home from work shortly after we got home from the game.  Other than mowing the lawn, the rest of the evening was spent relaxing.  No projects!!

Jim went fishing on Sunday, so it was just me and the kids.  We decided to spend the morning working hard- they did the Sunday Chores while I did the laundry and worked on bookkeeping for the daycare.  I had all of our receipts to enter from January 1st and I got caught up through March 31st.  Yippee!

I also recolored my hair, waxed my legs and underarms, and recolored the pink streaks in the girls’ hair.  It was a super productive day!

Jim came home shortly before 4:00 with a good size steelhead, which I promptly threw on the Traeger for an early dinner.  We had soccer practice at 5:00.  Since the weather was looking iffy, we decided to let the girls stay home with Jim and I would take Trevor myself, so I could sit in the Expedition and read more of my book.

An early bedtime again, as usual on Sunday nights.  Poor Jim- no sleeping in this weekend.  He was up at 5:00 on Saturday (for work) and 3:30 on Sunday (for fishing).  I think he’ll be taking a nap tonight after work.  I’m going to dinner with some girl friends… and getting a much needed drink after the stress and anxiety of today!  :)