We dosed Brooke with Benedryl every 4-hours yesterday and her rash just kept looking worse and worse.  When we woke up at 7:30am this morning we were anxious to see how she looked, and shocked to see she looked considerably WORSE.  UGH! 

We dosed her with Benedryl (8am) and I headed out the door around 10:30 to take the bigger kids to the library and to do a few other odd errands.  When I was in Target I stopped by the pharmacy to ask about Benedryl (if off-brand really IS the same as name-brand and she confirmed it is the exact same) but she commented that if the rash isn’t improving by now we should definitely take Brooke back to the doctor.  Crud. 

I was anxious to see how she looked when I got home.  If she looked the same or worse, we would be going to the Urgent Care center.

Jim had administered her next dose at noon, on schedule.  And fortunately, she appears to be getting better!  Her arms are looking significantly clearer, her abdomen and back are still covered but the spots aren’t so vibrant and are losing their puffiness.  They seem to be getting smaller, too.  WHEW!

Poor Brooke this morning said, “If I look like this on Monday I am NOT going to school.”  Awww, breaks my heart! 

We have plans to go out to dinner tonight with family.  I’m a little nervous about the stares we’ll be getting.  I feel like making her a T-shirt that says “My rash is due to an allergic reaction.  I do not have anything contagious” just to ward off the stares and comments.