I had an awful week.  I felt like I was catching a cold on Sunday so I started loading up on Vitamin C and Umcka.  I slept in Monday, didn’t exercise, figuring one morning off wouldn’t hurt. 

I ordered pizza that night for dinner, had no idea one slice of Godfather’s (jumbo size) pizza would be 500 calories.  It really doesn’t matter what toppings you have on it: Taco or All Meat Combo- it’s the same!  I had two pieces for dinner that night!  Ugh.  1,000 calories.  It was sooo not worth it.

Late that evening I could tell my cold was taking a turn for the worse.  Tuesday morning I slept in, didn’t exercise.  What’s in my fridge?  Leftover Taco Pizza.  (insert game show buzzing sound here- you know, the EHHHHHHH (you are wrong!) sound)

Wednesday morning, I slept in again.  Cold was probably at it’s peak worst. I kept up with my routine of Vitamin C and Umcka every 3 hours.  Mucinex (Kirkland brand) and Ibuprofen every 4 hours.

Thursday morning I slept in again, but woke up feeling much much better.  That night I intended to get up early on Friday to exercise….no luck.  I slept in again.

So an entire week off without exercise and overeating my calorie limit every day.  Oopsie.