At one point in my teen years I owned 14 pairs of shoes.  I remember counting them all and I remember having a pair in almost every color.  One pair in particular had hot pink and orange on them!  That was the year of flats.  Everyone had flats and they came in so many different colors. 

Flats are back again, and so are wedges and I love both.  I already have two pairs of wedge sandals- black and brown.  I have a tendency to buy the same item in multiple colors if it’s something I really like.  My black wedge sandals are Franco Sarto and I picked them up off and they no longer have them, nor did they come in any other colors.  So I’m back to square one looking for a fresh pair of wedge sandals.

My one pair of flats I picked up last summer from Kohl’s.  Also super comfortable and once I realized you could wear them with plain socks, I’ve been wearing them this winter as well!  I’ve been meaning to look for another pair of flats, preferably a non-black pair, but I had no idea what I really was looking for.

The other night I stopped at Kohl’s, my mind set to pick up the cute blue wedge sandals I shared in a previous post.  The pair with ruffled trim.  Something a little jazzier than my plain black and brown wedges.  Something that can take a t-shirt and jeans from drab to fab all on it’s own.  

Here they are….

Apt. 9 Tesa Platform Wedge Sandals

Ta da!!  I love the way they look! 

I found them on my size and tried them on…and they felt like heaven…. super duper comfortable.  Even better.  And I won’t be so short when I wear them!  Ha!  I’m SOLD!

I thought I’d do a quick walk through to see what other cute shoes they had, specifically looking at the flats. 

Here’s the pair I already have: 

Then my eyes saw this:

The NAME! 

Shoes with MY name on them!  And they were cute, too!

SONOMA life + style Elisa Flats 

So I tried them on.

Just as heavenly as the pair I already have.  Same company, so not surprising.  I immediately thought of the “What Not to Wear” show….in a GOOD way.  They frequently show an outfit with colored shoes, where the rest of the outfit is a completely different color, or just neutral…the colored shoes are never matchy matchy. 

I have no coral red colored tops.  So I’ll be pulling the “WNTW” method of dressing and my shoes will be the pop in my outfit.  I’m excited for the challenge!

The blue wedges are sort of along the same lines…they’ll be an item all on their own.  With the ruffle tops on them they’ll dress up any pair of capris or jeans….just put on a simple top and voila!

Just need some sunnier weather and a shiny new pedicure and I’m READY!