Riley and I had a date the other night… a trip to Washington Square, primarily to look at new frames for me from Sears Optical, but I also wanted to check out the new H&M clothing store that just opened up.

My initial reaction when I walked past the store front: “yuck! what the heck are the mannequins wearing?”  It was all peasant-style outfits, faded denim skirts with lots of ruffles and tattered looking stuff.  Gypsys and Fortune Tellers!

Then we walked inside and after I got past the first major display, I was in love!  Amazing outfits.  Amazing pieces.  Great prices.  Love the patterns, the shapes, the colors, the styles…wow I can’t wait to try some stuff on!

Riley’s first reaction:  “OMG Mom I cannot wait to come shopping here when I get older.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these clothes.  I wish I could try them on and buy some.  I’m going to come back with a hundred dollars when I’m older!”

‘Nuff said.

Riley and I both loved this shirt….

They offered it in a smokey blue and I tried it on. 

Riley loved it and begged me to buy it, but clearly the shirt was made for someone with a smooth body. No muffin tops or belly bulges allowed. 

Here it is on their style model:

See what I mean?  Even on her perfectly thin toned body you can see every contour~

I even tried it a size larger.  Still no luck.  I found most of their tops seemed to fit that way, sort of clingy and thin. 

I did find one shirt that I really liked….a button up dress shirt with pinstripe detail- teeny tiny pinstripes in black and white.  So teeny tiny that the shirt was almost gray.  The blouse I tried on was a bit too small.  It was my normal size 8 and it was busting *and I mean that in the boob sense* open. 

Which brings me to another point in regards to H&M….everything runs really small.  I normally wear a medium shirt, sometimes a small shirt.  Not at H&M…I needed a size large.  90% of their racks contain size XS and S.  So what does that tell you!?

We’re supposed to go back to the mall soon.  I told Riley we could try the XS shirt on her to see if it fits her.  At $12.95 if she likes it and it fits, I don’t see why she couldn’t get it?  Hmm.

Their childrens’ department is definitely lacking, though.  Only a 10′ square section for girls age 9+ and a slightly larger section for girls under age 10.  Wonder if it’s because girls over age 9 can wear the adult shirts!!  Ha!

Anyway, I’ll try them again some day.   Definitely a place to go for dressy clothing, even dresses for that matter.  Next cruise we book- I’ll take a trip to H&M first!