I thought I had finally turned the corner. On Sunday February 6th I weighed 136.4 pounds.  YAY!  It was a whole week of steady weight loss.  A total of 2.4 pounds since I started tracking my weight, calories and exercise activity on January 5th.

I was so excited- I should reach my goal of 128 pounds by April 12th,  YAY!!  I’m finally doing something right and seeing progress!

This is what the week leading up to that loss looked like:

                       Weight    Exercise   Net Calories   Main Meals:
Monday:        137.8       Yes              789                Pizza Slice, Baby Back Ribs, Salad
Tuesday:       138.0       Yes           1,186                Pizza Slice, Grilled Cheese, Costco Yogurt  
Wednesday:  137.6        No            1,348                2 Corn Dogs, Pizza, Elk Steak & Potatoes
Thursday:     137.4       Yes               974               Grilled Cheese, Pork, Potatoes, 1 Beer
Friday:           137.4       Yes           1,362               Pizza Slice, Fajitas, 1 Beer
Saturday:       137.2       No            1,216                Deli Tray, Apple Crisp, Pizza Slice, 1 soda

(Yes, I ate a lot of pizza that week.  We had a Kirkland Take & Bake Saturday night and every day I ate a slice for my late morning snack/early lunch!!)

Sunday was the Superbowl, and I decided not to make a big breakfast like I usually do on Sundays, and I didn’t eat lunch and I tried not to graze too much or eat super large quantities of food.  I ended the day (without exercising) consuming 1,361 calories.  Not bad! 

This week:
                       Weight   Exercise   Net Calories   Main Meals:
Sunday:        136.4          No              1,361           Shrimp, Cookies, Nacho Platter, 1 Beer
Monday:       137.6          No              1,386           Chili, Turkey Wrap*, Cardamom Bread
Tuesday:      138.2         Yes             1,204           Turkey Wrap*, Nacho Platter, Card.Bread
Wednesday: 138.6         Yes             1,265           Turkey Wrap*, Fajitas, Broccoli, Card.Bread
*When I say Turkey Wrap, I mean one of those appetizer type Turkey Wrap discs you get on a platter, not a whole Turkey Wrap.

Did you notice the steady weight gain this week?  And this morning….I got on the scale….

…and it said 139.2. 
WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Is the problem that Homemade Chili and Nachos are that bad?  Is it the Cardamom Bread?  I thought I was doing OK calorie wise.  Geez, the prior week I was eating a slice of pizza every day and had things like Corn Dogs and Roasted Potatoes.  And beer with dinner! 

So is eating pizza on a daily basis is actually GOOD for weight loss?  And should I be having a beer with dinner every night?  I wonder if I replicate that week’s diet, would I get the same results?

I’m confused.  And obviously VERY frustrated.  And currently very hungry as well.  And sick of pizza.  And not eating anymore Turkey Wrap discs or Cardamom bread. 

And I’m back to square one to boot.  And dreading the scale tomorrow morning.  This upward trend has got to stop!

FOLLOW UP:  Thursday’s lunch was the last 2 pieces of pizza.  Dinner was Stouffers Lasagna, salad and Kirkland Roasted Garlic Bread.  And when I got on the scale this morning- I was 138.0.   Hmmmm.   I really think pizza is the key to weight loss here!