YAY!  Sometimes something breaking can be a good thing…because that means you can replace it with something newer and better…of course there’s always a price tag attached.

Our 15 year old dishwasher had an issue earlier this month- you can read that story here.

So the appliance guy comes out, replaces the solenoid, runs the dishwasher and lays on the floor with a flashlight watching the mechanics underneath for what feels like a long time.

“Um….you have a leak under here, which doesn’t surprise me.  Usually the solenoid doesn’t go bad for no reason, it’s usually because the pump springs a leak (very minor leak) which keeps moisture on the seal and eventually causes problems.  SO…..we can replace the pump motor assembly, but that would be an extra $160 for THAT part, which brings the total repair to $372.  OR, I can return the solenoid and not service the dishwasher and you only pay the $59 service diagnostic fee.”
ok.  I’ll just pay the $59 thanks!

I have to say I love All Tech Appliance Repair….I have a feeling that any other repair place would have kept the whole $192 and said I was outta luck.  But for this company to offer to take the part back- and only charge me the diagnostic fee- hey, I’m happy!!

So that night we go dishwasher shopping.  I did some basic research beforehand, and printed off the Consumer Reports Brand Reliability page and also the top 15 rated Dishwashers.  I have my mind set on a KitchenAid (visually) or a Bosch.

Bosch was eliminated right off the bat.  Even though they have the same exterior dimensions, for some reason the baskets are all 2″ narrower and less deep as well.  Smaller baskets is NOT what I’m looking for. 

We start looking at the Kitchenaid and Kenmore models. 

First at a basic unit like our ‘old’ one- plastic inside, regular tub, no fancy options.  $399.

Then I look at the next one- it has a stainless steel inside, tall tub, I like that the heat element is set really low to the bottom so it won’t melt plastic dishes- and it supposedly heats the stainless steel interior well which speeds up the drying process. And it’s quieter than our current dishwasher- supposed to be 52 dBa.  $699.

The next one has a solid stainless steel front- no ‘plastic’ top piece.  It has fold-down tines (to support larger items) and a food grinder to prevent larger food particles from clogging the machine.  And it has a whirlygig bottom (for lack of better terms!). 49 dBa.  $999.

Then we start looking at the Kenmore models. 

The next level up also has an upper rack that can be lowered- but super easy- it has squeeze handles! 

The next one has all the above, plus a food trap in the bottom that you can remove to pull out food chunks, instead of risking those clogging drains or getting caught in the grinder.  And it’s even quieter!  $1299.

And the model above that one….it has a Turbo Blaster wash system for thorough cleaning of the nastiest casserole dishes you could ever have. $1499.

And the one above that, it has a digital readout on the front panel so you can tell what cycle the dishwasher is in.  Quieter still! 46 dBa.  $1699.

I hate shopping for big-ticket items.

Too much information, too many features, and the things that make you go “wow!”.  Ugh.

Wouldn’t you know it…the one that we wanted was not available until 2 1/2 weeks later.  From ANY store, not just Sears.  That won’t work for us- not with the daycare and a family of 5 trying to eat dinner every night!  I can only do sandwiches and paper plates for so long!

Our first choice was the Kitchenaid KUDE40FX (3rd picture).  But, since it wasn’t available- actually NONE of the similar Kitchenaid models were available….the sales guy did us some favors- there was an upcoming sale on Kenmore.  He found us a comparable model, with a few extra features, and after the sale price it would be pretty close to what we would have paid for the Kitchenaid, and it could be delivered 2 days later! 

So here it is….our fancy new dishwasher in all it’s glory:

Did I mention it’s a tight fit?  Again?  Gosh we have soooo lucked out with our range and dishwasher combinations in the past 12 months!  Look how close this is:

No really….

And because I’m a dork….here’s a sound recording of just how quiet the new dishwasher really is: