Well we got the preliminary drawings for our addition back in December.  I’m concerned of how much side-yard that we’re losing, and with our lot not being square, I wanted an accurate layout of our yard and house.

Thanks to modern technology…I was able to copy a picture of our lot from Google Earth, then place it beneath the floorplan I made on Floorplanner.com.  This would ensure that I had the yard diagrammed properly. 

Here’s the result:

Now I have an accurate layout and can measure distances to fences and such online!  And move our little shed around the yard to see where it fits best, etc.

I get a little sick to my stomach when I think about the amount of work, expense, intrusion, etc. that goes into another addition.  I don’t like that we’ll have to find a new location for our storage shed, our compost pile and we’ll have to move our beautiful circle patio we just put in this past summer! 

But I know it will be soooo worth it in the end.  The kids are already excited, talking about who’s going to move into which room, etc.  Their current plan is to move Trevor into the new room and Riley into Trevor’s room.  Riley has already picked out her paint colors, too.

If we didn’t do the daycare, our house would be perfect for our family- bedrooms for everyone, Jim and I would have our dream master suite with a walk-in closet.  BUT, we have no plans of stopping the daycare- I see us continuing this for years and years to come.  And as long as that is the case, we are short a room.  The girls will always have to share a room.

We’ll see what actually happens, though.  There’s lots of time.

It will probably be another month to get the finalized drawings…then we have to get permits in place, then start interviewing builders again.   Gak.  I hate interviewing people!

I’ve already decided I’ll probably end up on anti-anxiety medication…I get so ‘freaked out’ already and we haven’t even started anything!