I posted a story about the Fly Lady earlier….she taught me how to declutter and recycle or donate things I no longer need. 

What do you do with the things you are keeping for sentimental purposes? 

We all have something someone gave us that we just can’t bring ourselves to part with, even though we really don’t want it or need it.  It could be something from our childhood that we’ve been saving all these years- a stuffed animal, or trinket, or article of clothing, etc.  Or a wedding gift!  Or something from a grandparent or parent. 

I was finally able to get rid of a bunch of our wedding gifts about 5 years ago after reading something from the Fly Lady.  I can’t find it on her website now, but it went something like this:

If you are holding onto something solely for sentimental reasons, ask yourself:

1) Will I still have the same memories if I don’t have this item in my posession? (yes, most likely).

2) Am I only holding onto it because I would feel “guilty” if… I got rid of it? (yes, most likely).

3) Whenever I look at this item, am I reminded that I want to get rid of it but can’t? (yes, most likely).

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

Numbers 2 & 3 make the item a negative item- one that weighs more on your mind than it should. It is causing you stress.  Get rid of it. You will still have the same memories without it.  You can also take a picture of the item to keep in a scrapbook if you are afraid you’ll forget.  Priceless advice.