Geesh.  Monday morning I open the dishwasher and see that the bottom has an inch+ of water.  This happened about a week ago, so I knew exactly what to do- shut the door and flip the lock so it would finish running.

So I shut the door…flip the lock…and silence.  I look at the knob and it shows the cycle is complete.

Well THAT could be a problem!  The last time this happened someone had unlocked the dishwasher mid-cycle and forgot to restart it, so it just sat there in limbo overnight.

But this time the dishwasher thought it was done….and it wasn’t.

So I turn the knob to Rinse and let the cycle continue.  It finishes, so I open the door and….

now it’s FULL of water.  All the way up to the edge.  Thank goodness for the overflow indicator that stops the machine from adding more water- replacing all our Pergo floors is not a project we planned on doing this year.

But neither is buying a new dishwasher.

We’ve talked about it, but never seriously. 

Sometimes I wish we had a new dishwasher so it would be quieter.  I’ve been in homes where the dishwasher noise is practically non-existant and I dream that someday I might have one like that, too, but really it’s no big deal. What you don’t live with you don’t miss, right? 

And we solved the problem with the dishwasher not matching our new range when we replaced that early 2010.




You can read more of that project here and here.

Frankly, I’m scared to get a different dishwasher.  I know how to load my dishwasher to it’s maximum capacity and still have my dishes come out clean.  Other dishwashers- well, with all the weird curves in the top rack, I don’t know how to put my glasses or bowls in there to fit everything.  I struggle everytime I have to load the dishwasher at the condo.  I know I can’t get my normal ‘home’ load in there.   And when you go to someone else’s house and help with the dishes after an event- I cringe when I start loading their dishwasher.  I just don’t get how to do it.

Dang, wish I took a picture of how well I can load MY dishwasher! 

So here I am, it’s Tuesday, and we’re contemplating options.  Do we pay to have it fixed?  Or do we get a new one.


Although our dishwasher is 15 years old, it has never given us a problem before Monday- except for an occasional clogging of the basket, so now we do a quick rinse of our dirtiest plates.  No more food chunks in the dishwasher! 

It matches our kitchen.

It’s in GOOD shape- no metal peeking through the tips of the tines- they are still thoroughly coated in their rubber-plastic coating.  I think it’s better built than some of the models I’ve seen.

I can load that thing to maximum capacity!

It was inexpensive, and if paying $200 gives us another 15 years that would be superb!

The cons:

It’s 15 years old. 

Today’s models are more energy effecient. 

Today’s models are MUCH quieter. 

Today’s models are prettier.  More sleek looking.

Today’s models have removeable top racks and/or folding tines so you can put really big things in there.  And they have energy washing options, etc. 

Plus there’s an Energy Star rebate on many models.

I guess by writing this all out it looks like we should just go get a new one! Ohhhhh, but the one’s I happen to like are the one’s that run $700-$1100.

What to do.  What to do.

If you know us well, you know that we really plan out each major purchase.  We don’t just run out and buy the first thing we like.  We usually replace our major appliances while the old one is still working- so that we’re not scrambling.


The repair guy came and left, said it’s the solenoid that needs to be replaced and he’ll be back Wednesday morning to do that for us.  The final price = $192.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll take the time to look at new dishwashers and see if we can’t narrow down to a few choices that we like, so that when we’re faced with a “Honey- the dishwasher broke again!” we know what we want and are better prepared.