For the first time ever, we put up a fake tree as our main Christmas tree.  It wasn’t intentional.  We’ve always had a real tree.  In fact, no matter the weather, once we plan our day, we stick to it and head out. 

The most beautiful Christmas Tree “hunt” was a couple years ago when we had that big snowfall.  It was cold, there was already an inch or so on the ground when we left- and by the time we got back to our car it had snowed another couple inches.  That was the day it snowed almost 4″, if memory serves correctly.   Which ‘never’ happens here.


It’s an experience we will never forget.

That same year we shopped Lowe’s after Christmas and picked up a couple artificial 7′ trees and threw them up in the attic.  We weren’t sure how we would use them.  One idea was to decorate them to put out in our front yard.  Most likely, though, they would be used as an additional Christmas tree.  We like to have one in our front room and another in our family room, since we spend more of our time in the back of the house. 

We still plan to get a real tree every year.  They just smell so good!

This year we spent Thanksgiving at the beach, so no tree-hunt that weekend.  The following weekend was Civil War and Riley’s birthday party.  The weekend after that Jim wasn’t feeling very well and I had a girls cookie-exchange party to go to on Sunday.  The weekend after that Jim was scheduled to work, and it was also the weekend before Christmas, so too late in the month for us to get a tree.

So one evening after Riley’s birthday weekend we were talking about how nasty the weather was supposed to be and how we still needed to get a tree- Saturday the 11th it would have to be, regardless of how sick anyone felt or how bad the weather was.  Ugh.  Yuck.  Sooooo not looking forward to that.

I suggested we just put up a fake tree.  But it’s tradition for us to go out and get a tree and the kids always look forward to it.  So we decided to let them decide if we should do the fake tree, or go cut down a real one.  As soon as we said “fake tree” they lit up.  “We have a FAKE tree?  WHERE?  We really HAVE one?  Can we please please please put up the FAKE tree?” like it was made of gold and the best thing since sliced bread.  Who woulda thunk the kids would be so excited about a fake tree?

They were!

So the boxes came down from the attic and Jim assembled the trees while I fluffed the branches, then we turned the kids loose to decorate.

And this is how the tree(s) turned out:

The tree above is our 2nd tree….it sits in the back of the family room but is visible from the entry way.

The tree below is our primary tree in the front room:

I thought they did an amazingly good job.  I only had to move a couple items, but they spread them out pretty well and even reached the top!  I put the gold ribbon on the tree after they were done (yes, I know it’s supposed to be done first, but oh well!).

And here’s how the rest of our living room (front room) was decorated:

Here’s our entry table (Ikea bookcase):

Did you notice the Scentsy warmer?  I used the Cricut to cut out adhesive snowflakes to put on the sides!

And here’s our dining table for Christmas dinner:

I put some cranberries in some straight-sided glass bowls, half-filled them with water and put a tealight on the top (floating).  Silver and pearl Christmas ball ornaments with red curly ribbon attached, a long long long stretch of curly ribbon in red, silver and sparkly silver, and some Christmas bows.  I was really happy with how it turned out!  I already have next year’s table planned out, too!