I’m finding myself in a wardrobe funk again. Always happens this time of year. 

I’m always cold, even with the furnace and pellet stove going, so I seek warmth and comfort in my hoodies.  It’s easy to get dressed every day- I throw on a pair of jeans, a tanktop or t-shirt, and cover that up with a hoodie.  I have three favorite hoodies to choose from, so it’s really easy for me to get dressed in the morning.


Ho hum.


I’m sure my daycare parents notice. 

I don’t want to be known as a cozy comfy lazily dressed mom.  I want to look nice!  I want to look energetic.  I want to look GOOOOOD. 

And we all know that how you look on the outside can affect how you feel on the inside.   When you look put together, you feel good about yourself.  You feel energetic, youthful, ready to conquer something.  When you look sloppy and cozy, ah, things don’t seem to matter as much.  It’s a ho-hum low energy day, right? 

Some days I try to look nice.  I make the effort to choose a button up shirt, or something with a little style.  Something other than a tank-top or layered t-shirt…but as the morning progresses I get cold… so I throw my hoodie on over it.  And it stays on all day long.  And I’m back to square one.

This year the trend is tunic tops, longer shirts, button up plaid shirts.  I decided I needed to do some shopping and freshen up my wardrobe.  I didn’t find much.

But I think I’ve solved my hoodie problem with these two sweater tops:

I like the detail and texture of both tops, although I realize they are both gray!

I can still throw on a pair of jeans and a tank-top or t-shirt, but at least with one of these sweaters over the top I look a little more put together than I do when I’m wearing a hoodie. 

Throw on a necklace and a pair of boots after work and I could actually look nice!

While at Kohl’s the other day, I also picked up a couple new tops:

It’s your basic black/dark gray turtleneck sweater, but I like the sleeve details and it’s also semi-fitted and longer than normal. 

It will look great with skinny jeans or leggings (which I don’t own yet- the leggings that is.)

This is another Vera Wang top that was totally out of my comfort zone. I thought it looked hideous on the hanger, but it’s really cute on!  I actually looked to see if they had additional colors, but they didn’t.

So most of these items are not something I would normally pick out, but I TRY to do that when I go shopping!  I TRY to choose things that are out of my normal comfort zone.  Switch things up a bit.  Some of my most favorite items are things I thought were hideous on the hanger and I just tried them on for fun!  And what do you know….I liked them on!  

I do have an easy rule when it comes to buying clothes- it HAS to be comfortable, and it HAS to fit right- otherwise I know I won’t wear it. 

Another step I’m taking to get out of my wardrobe funk: it’s  time to go back to the “choose one of the first three” getting dressed rule…. and kick my wardrobe up a notch!