Trevor’s soccer season is finally over!  Whew!  I think I liked it better when the last soccer game was Halloween weekend, now we’re ending in mid-November!  It makes for really cold games when they go that late in the year!

I used to bring the camera to most games, but have since decided I don’t need hundreds of pictures of the kids playing the same sport.  Now I just take the camera to a nice-weather game towards the end of the season, and snap away, then come home and narrow it to about 10 favorite pictures.  Makes scrapbooking a lot easier!

Here are this year’s favorite pictures:

He's in the lead, taking the ball up the field
Look at how contorted the body gets when going after the ball!
After the half, he’s once again leading the pack
Trying to steal the ball
Heading for the goal! In the lead again!
And he scores!
Getting high fives from a teammate
Loving the attention from his team after scoring a tie-ing goal

His team won the last game…3 to 2.  Trevor scored 2 of the goals!  We are so proud of him and what a good player he has become.