I’ve learned a few “scent” tricks in my house.

You know how when you deep fry something, or make bacon, it smells up the house for a day or two?  Well I have the answer to that problem.

First off, cook outside!   Ha! 

Ok, well let’s say you’ve already done the damage and need a way to fix it.


Yep, I’m talking Scentsy again.

If my house smells “greasy”, rather than trying sprays and stuff to cover it up (which really don’t work), I go with it. 

So ask yourself, what is an acceptible “greasy” smell?


I can think of something.

DONUTS.  If there are fresh-made donuts, or maple bars, mmmmm….that is an acceptible greasy smell.  So I melt the “Mochadoodle” scent in my warmer!  People come in to the house and ask me what I’m making?  It smells like a bakery! 


Here’s another one for you.

My husband runs on the treadmill for about an hour every night.  And if you are related to him, you know he sweats a lot.  And not only does he sweat a lot, he generates a lot of body heat.  As a general rule, he runs with the window open and the ceiling fan on- not only to help keep him cooler, but to help air out the room.

But alas, the room still has that ‘gym’ smell an hour later, and is often still warm!

So when is a sweaty man smell acceptible?

OK, I guess this could go a couple different ways….


Imagine that the room is warm and smells like sweat, what could one be doing?


I know! I know!

Laying pool side in Mexico!

So what goes with sweaty smell? 

Suntan lotion and tropical drinks!  More specifically something coconut-scented. 

So now before Jim hops on the treadmill, he turns on  the “Coconut Lemongrass” scent in a Scentsy Plug-In warmer….so that after his workout it’s like stepping into a tropical oasis.  Close my eyes and we’re out at the pool and I’m not gagging.   =o)

Scentsy can really be a saving grace.  If you still haven’t experienced it, you gotta check it out!