Danger danger!  We’re talking about panties in this posting….so if you are squeamish about intimate garments or don’t want to know what kind of underwear I prefer- now’s your chance to stop reading!


When I woke up Thursday morning, I decided I didn’t want to waste any of my precious “free Friday” with a trip to Washington Square, so I logged on to Victoria’s Secret and shopped the Panty Raid sale online. 

Usually their hiphugger cotton panties are 5/$25.  Today’s sale is 7/$24.50, so I figure after paying the $6 shipping, I’m basically getting 7/$30, which is still better than the 5/$25.

I’m normally a beige or black kind of girl, so I decided to jazz up my undergarment selection with colors like jewel blue, black & pink plaid, pink flirt and a few other “fun” colors.

OK, that’s not the moral of my story.

I remembered that my most favorite pair of underwear are some no-show panties made by Jockey.  More specifically, the “No Panty Line Promise Modern Brief”.  Kind of a hiphugger boy-short style…and 100% NO SHOW. 

Super soft, comfortable, no panty lines.  Perfect for wearing under my yoga pants when I want to wear them out in public.  I only own one pair of these and I definitely want more.

So I decided to shop for those online, too. Maybe somebody was running a sale? 

I couldn’t find the exact pair that I already own, but I found something similar.  I noticed it had 5 reviews and a 5-star rating.  I’m not surprised by that as I mentioned before they are my most comfortable pair.  But for kicks, I decided to read the reviews.


Here’s what the FIRST review said:

“this panty is exceptionally comfortable, the lace lets you know exactly where the top of panty is so you know it’s not showing when you’re bending over. It covers exceptionally well, is very soft and so light you hardly know you are wearing them and all. The fabric stretches which also allows ample room for male wearers.”


All caps, bold, I’d put that OMG in bigger font if I could!

Male wearers?  WTH (=what the heck?).  And why does somebody need lace on the top of their panties to know where the back is when they are bending over?  Huh? 


But wait, there’s more!

On the Jockey website, I found this review:

“these panties are great for men too. they are exceptionally soft and so light you just might forget that you are wearing them at all. Have never experienced any problems with “ride up” or “sliding down”. They stay put and do not creep.”

What’s with the MEN wearing WOMEN’S panties?

Oh, these might be ruined for me now.