A surprise posting!  It’s an “odd” day! (I usually only post on even numbered days, remember?)

I almost ‘never’ get a day off where it’s given to me and I haven’t asked for it.  Only happens maybe once a year.   Actually, the last time I remember was Christmas Break 2008? 

I certainly never get a full day off on a regular week day since I have several different families needing care.  But right now, I only have one family needing care on Fridays, and they happen to be taking a vacation week, so that means….no kidlets tomorrow!  (Hillsboro School District has school tomorrow- so my own kids won’t even be home!)

I’ve decided how I want to spend my day.  Whether or not that actually comes to fruition is another story.  I always say I’m going to sleep in, but my body and mind have other plans, usually.  I’ve been known to get up at 6AM on a Saturday and hop on the treadmill because I simply feel guilty laying there doing “nothing”.

But here’s my plan:

Sleep in.  Not getting up at 5am.  Not getting up at 6am.  I’m targeting 6:30am.  I’m not hopping on the treadmill or elliptical either!  I’ll get the kids ready for school and out the door- where I will head shortly after- I made an appointment for a massage!

After my massage, depending on how greasy I look and feel, I plan to make a quick stop at either the Nordstrom Rack or Old Navy to look at a couple new tops for Fall/Winter.  Heck, they might not even be open that early?  I’d better check that.

OK, really I don't think I like ANY of those tops!

Before heading home, I’m going to grab a Peppermint Mocha (or maybe an Eggnog Latte instead). 

And after a long leisurely shower in peace and silence, I’m going to put on my cozy pants and hoodie… and relax.

That's not me...and is she wearing dress shoes?

Plop in a movie (maybe), and hopefully get some work done on my receipts.  I haven’t done my business receipt bookkeeping since February (oops!).

Brooke will be home for lunch- maybe we’ll go to Carl’s Jr.

And after that, maybe we’ll take a nap- maybe not. 

I dunno how the rest of the day will pan out, but if I can at least get the first 5 hours of my day to go the way I’m dreaming it will, then it should be a perfect day!

(Oh darn it!  As soon as I finished typing this I got an email that Victoria’s Secret is having a “Panty Raid” sale tomorrow!  Geesh. I might be adding a trip to Washington Square to my agenda.  I suppose I could just pay the $6-$7 to order online and have them shipped to my house….ugh. What’s a girl to do? Grrrrr.)

Plan has been revised overnight:

I’m taking a shower when I wake up.  If I get up early enough, I’m going to SCRUB my shower!  I plan to wear my cozy pants TO the massage, not just at home after the massage.  Yes, out in public I’m going to wear my new Nike dri-fit heavy cotton yoga pants!  After the massage I’ll come home and do my receipts (that is still the plan) then after Brooke gets home we’ll go to Victoria’s Secret (maybe- I might still just order online).  And that’s the itinerary for the day as of Thursday morning.