I just wanted to share this year’s latest and greatest Halloween decor purchases.  It’s been a while since we’ve picked up any Halloween items, so this year I did a little shopping. 

My favorite purchase- Holographic Wall Art (the kind that changes when you walk past it!).  I picked these up at Winco, of all places!  Ha!

Awww, what a sweet grandmotherly-like picture.  But when you look at it from a different angle…..watch out!

And look at these two little lovebirds:

 I have a feeling he’s more into her than she is into him!

This last one I didn’t like as well as the others, but needed three pieces of art to hang….so here it is:

Now that I have that storage unit in the front room, I have another surface I can decorate for the holidays! 

That is the “kid-friendly” version. Not that it’s friendly towards kids, but more that the items on the table are not terribly expensive or fragile! 

For my recent home party, it was much fancier with lots of candles burning:

New this year- the black bowl (clearance at Michael’s for $3.99), the black glitter skull (Target $5), two tombstones (also Target $2 each), and the pumpkin dishes and the mini-birdcage (Michael’s dollar aisle) are also new.  The candle bases I already had.  I used the “blood candle” trick from www.younghouselove.com (LOVE THAT BLOG!).  They were also my inspiration for decorating this space!

Target had some great Halloween flasks, but I figured I could use my cricut and vinyl adhesive “paper” to make my own “POISON” label!  Saved me $9.99 right there, and I can peel it off after Halloween and have a year-found functional flask again.

I found a great package of Halloween themed scrapbook paper at Jo-Ann’s last weekend and made this (using my Creative Memories mini-Everyday Display frame):

And here’s the final result of my full-size Creative Memories Everyday Display frames:

My new Halloween-themed Cricut cartridges came in the mail yesterday, but my Cricut malfunctioned and is now getting a ride in a FedEx truck- going back to the manufacturer for replacement/repair.  A friend is lending me hers- so i will be having lots of fun creating a variety of Halloween crafts and wall art for the kids!  Yay!