Sorry, I’m on a post break.  Exhausted from my busy life and simply enjoying time at home with my husband.  And to top it all off, I’ve come down with a severe head cold.  Not sure what the deal is with that, because my ears hurt and my jaw is super sore- like I’ve been chewing gum for a week?  Stuffy nose, super sore throat.  Hmmm….  doubling up on the Vitamin C every 3-4 hours, taking my Umcka drops (‘cept I’m out now!) and taking it easy.  Today is pajama day and I hope the parents don’t mind!!  We promised the kids we’d go see “How to Train your Dragon” tonight- it’s playing at Valley at 5:30 and we already have tickets (school promotion)….but there’s no way I’m leaving the house.  The couch (or maybe it’s my bed!) is calling my name.  Is it 4:30 yet?