Remember how Brooke always had to wear dresses and skirts and she’d throw a fit if I put her in pants?

Since school has started, her outfit of choice is fleece pants and long sleeves with tennis shoes.

The reason?

“I’m too cold”.  She’s always too cold in the morning and wants “to be hot” as she puts it.  I don’t like her wearing sweatpants and long sleeves to school on days like this where it will be 80-degrees. Granted, it won’t be that warm unti late in the afternoon, but it just seems wrong to be wearing cozy clothes right now!

So I’m not sure what’s going to happen with her wardrobe.  We went to Target earlier in the week so we could stock up on some long-sleeve shirts, because the poor kid only had 3 or 4, none of which matched any of her leggings or cozy pants.

But yes, it appears my Princess is slipping away.

Oh, well, not completely!  Some of you may have already heard this story… the serial kisser?

Brooke comes home from school the other day and says, “Guess what, Mom!  I have something to tell you, something for REAL!”  She goes on to say that she kissed a boy.  Upon further prodding I learn it happened on the bus, it was his idea, and they kissed three times.  She does not know his name, but he is in her class.  The zinger?  “Mom, his lips tasted yucky.  Next time I need to wear lipstick!” 

Like I said, this wasn’t her first kiss.  That happened a few months ago, to which the general consensus was that she watches too many Disney Princess movies where they always receive a kiss from their handsome Prince.  Think about it- how many Disney movies do NOT have a kiss?

I emailed the teacher and let her know what happened. Glad that for once it wasn’t MY kid initiating the kiss (cuz I’m pretty sure she was the initiator of her first kiss), but I had the talk with Brooke about how we can’t run around kissing kids at school, or on the bus, or really anywhere else!

The teacher emails me back- and says that the principal was supposedly riding the bus with the Kindergarteners!!  Geez.  It’s ONLY kindergarteners on the bus, but I guess they are short enough the bus driver probably can’t see all of them.  But I’m shocked the surrounding kids weren’t totally grossed out exclaiming lots of “ewwwwwws”.

I tell the teacher I talked to her and ask her if she can reinforce things on her end.  So when Brooke gets off the bus on Tuesday and I kiddingly say, “You didn’t kiss anybody on the bus today did you?”….she replies, “No mom!  He kissed Peyton instead!”  Wow.  I think we may have a serial kisser in Kindergarten this year!

And she still doesn’t know his name.