I posted earlier that I’m quickly becoming a fan of the new denim trend- faded jeans with ratty edges and holes. I laughed when they first came out.  Even pointed them out to my kids- “Look at those!  People are paying good money to buy a pair of jeans that look old and worn.  They PAY for those holes!  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

I was my mother.  I remember in the 80’s wearing holey jeans.  I remember ripping holes in my jeans. I remember my mom commenting on how ridiculous that was.

And so there I was, laughing at the youth of today.  Thinking to myself, “Ummm, no.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing holey jeans again. I’m past that.”

But then I’m not one to stray too far from the current trends. You won’t find me in a pair of “mom jeans”.

Google it.  There is such a thing as “Mom Jeans”.  If you are over the age of 30 and are wearing the same jean brand and style for the past 15 years, then you are likely wearing Mom Jeans.  I’m not saying you need to look “trendy”; but you should at least try to look “current”.  There is a difference.

When flared bootcut jeans were back, I upgraded my wardrobe with them.  I tossing all my tapered jeans.

When Levi 515’s came out, I preferred the better fit and style, and tossed all my 501’s.

When waistlines went lower, I was actually GLAD.  I couldn’t button most of my old pants anyway.  I don’t know about you, but my gut is not in proportion with my butt.  Lots of pants fit my derriere but I can’t button them if the waist is too high.  Low waist – problem solved!  I could still wear a size 4/6, not needing to wear a 8/10 to accommodate my belly.  I never went for the superlow lowrise.  I’m not 17 anymore.

Skinny jeans appeared last year, and I have no plans to go to the extreme skinny jeans….or jeggings (jean leggings).  I promise to not buy a pair of jeans with zippered ankles.

And color?  Dark dark was in last year, and still is for a dressy jean.  But the newest trend is the super faded look.  Mark my words, acid-wash WILL be back.  It’s just a matter of time.  I’m starting to see lots of “bleach accident” looking pants on the market, so we’re not too far away.

OK, so I’ve shared all the ins and outs of denim.  And I mentioned previously that I purchased a pair of Lucky Brand Skinny jeans.  Well,  I ended up going back and buying a 2nd pair.  And my plan is to destroy them!  Yes, with a Dremel, some sandpaper, tweezers and scissors.  I am going to cut holes in my perfectly good pants.  I am going to shred the edges of my pockets and seams.  I am going to make myself a pair of $150 jeans for $50 plus a couple hours of my time.

I’ve done my research.  I’m going to follow this guy’s directions:

But first I need to find a pair to copy.  I’m certainly not creative enough to design my own destroyed denim.  I want a pair similar to these, but not so many holes:

I need to find a pair I like, buy them, lay the pants out side by side, destroy my pair, and take the model pair back!  ha ha ha (evil laugh)

I’ll keep you posted!

And here’s a cute mom-blog about today’s jean trends: www.AintNoMomJeans.com