We’re at Fort Stevens this weekend, been here since Wednesday. We got the same site as last year, big enough for our trailer, a badminton set-up, ladder ball, heck we could set up a couple tents too.

(I’m not typing, I’m using a voice-to-text app, without edits…so enjoy the miscommunication and choppy sentences.)

Our neighbors on day 1 had five kids….all in the age range of our kids, so they hit it off and played hard all day. Didn’t come in until 10 o’clock that night. Sadly they all left yesterday, thursday. New neighbors moved in and they don’t have any kids.

Yesterday the kids felt lonely, they spent most of their time hanging out with grandma, or sitting in our trailer watching movies. Once Jake and Chelsy arrived they started playing outside again and riding bikes. Brooke has been riding her bike a lot and is soooo close to getting her training wheels off.

Badminton has been a huge hit. I’m surprised how tiring it is to play! It’s a bit of a challenge in the wind, too. It would take trevor 4 hard hits to get it across the net because the wind blew it right back to him!

The mornings have been cool, the afternoons really warm and sunny (ok- 62 degrees, but that IS warm and sunny for the Oregon coast!). The early evening has been breezy and cool.

The guys have gone fishing the last 2 mornings. No keepers yet. They’ve been heading out at 4:30am. I’m enjoying the quiet time…kids sleeping past 8:00. I read the Bree Tanner book, worked on this blog, and am just enjoying drinking my coffee and peas. (Ha ha ha… I said “in peace”!)

I really love these long camping weekends. I love cooking in my outside kitchen, feeding the whole gang, enjoying the fresh air, etc. Could do without all the mosquitos, though.

Hard to believe it’s only friday morning. Woo hoo!

More pics later.