AS SEEN ON TV!  The Topsy Turvy upside down tomato planter is the amazing way to grow delicious, homegrown tomatoes without the back breaking work. As the sun warms the plant like a greenhouse … (blah blah blah) 

Click here if you have never heard of the Topsy Turvy before.

Jim and I tried the Topsy Turvy (TT) planters last summer, after he talked to a co-worker who had amazing success with hers the year prior.  Ours DID do very well, especially compared to the TT’s we saw hanging in other people’s yards.  We learned quickly that the key is water, and good soil.  And we mean A LOT of water.

We now have five TT planters.  All hanging from hooks along our back fence, sort of a focal point out our windows, and I have to comment that they are absolutely hideous.

So I came up with a brilliant idea.  Wrap ’em!  I went to the fabric store and picked up a couple yards of plain ol’ burlap and spent an hour or so on Sunday making wraps.  I originally was going to hem the top and bottom edge, but figured I’d keep them more “organic” looking.

I have to say I love how they came out.  Definitely fits in better with our overall landscaping.

  No longer a hideous focal point along our fence!