Seems like a whirlwind of a weekend, yet relaxing at the same time?

Friday Night:
6:30 dinner was enchilada casserole, then we spent the rest of our evening vacuuming and cleaning the trailer- pulling it out of winter storage.  Went for a short walk.  Home and in bed by 9:45.

Up early- 6:30ish.  At 8am we had our patio guy over to finalize details, then he got busy digging out our yard!  Jim had to go into work for a few hours.  I made a quick run to the Post Office to mail an ebay item to Canda (ugh).  Back home, I sewed 5 burlap covers for our Topsy Turvys.  Clint was here digging until almost 4:00.  Jim worked on sprinkler stuff and changed the oil on his motorcycle.  At 4:00 we put a couple Papa Murphy’s pizzas on the Traeger grill to bake, had some friends over for dinner and to hang out.  Fire in our fire pit, sitting around even in the occasional sprinkle.  In bed by 10:15.

Slept in until 7:40!  Jim spent a lot of time working on our sprinklers- getting them all adjusted and new lines ran for our new plants.  Laundry day- we’re so behind on that.  Packing lists made for our camping trip.  Whole house vacuumed, swept and mopped.  Dishes, of course.  Jim had to go into work again for a couple hours, so I took the kids to the pool.  Riley “could” pass the swim test to go into the deep end, but the head lifeguard said she wants to see her here swimming a few more days before she passes her.  Even though she can pass the swim test.  No biggie.  Girls had fun at the pool.  Sprinkling now (5pm) and dinner is salmon on the Traeger.  Planning on Rootbeer Floats for dessert!