Physically at least.  Mentally that’s a different story.  Long story short….I noticed last night that my cell phone calendar wasn’t synching correctly.  Basically, the issue boiled down to me having two gmail accounts. 

My first gmail account was something I set up back in November to try out the service.  I was already using Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Picasa Web Albums.  I didn’t have a Gmail ID at that time, so when I signed up for Gmail, it asked me if I wanted to link my Calendar, Contacts and Picasa to my Gmail Id.   Sure, why not?

Around that same time, I got a Verizon Motorola Droid phone.  It’s very Google savvy and it asked me where my Google Calendar and Google Contacts were, so I pointed it to that first gmail account.

After about 2 weeks of testing out Gmail, I decided I liked it well enough to use it for our main family email.  At that point, I stopped using my ‘test’ account for email, but still used the sign-on ID for the Calendar, Contacts and Picasa.  I created the new family email sign-on and all was going well.

But it wasn’t.

I decided today that I should only have the one sign-on.  That maybe my phone was confused because there’s two Google Calendars out there (although they should be identical).  I went to the Google Site and tried to figure out how to move the Calendar and Contacts and Picasa access to our family log in.  I couldn’t get it to work.  It could “share” but it couldn’t take over.  So I decided I should just delete the first gmail user ID and start over.  And that’s what I did.

One side effect that I wasn’t expecting was that my Picasa albums were also deleted.  Oops.  I have a few ads on Craigslist and Ebay right now….so I had to make a new Picasa album, upload the pictures, edit the ads with the new embedded links.  Quickly.  Grrrr.  This also meant that the daycare albums that I keep online for each child- for their family to review and share with their family- were also deleted.

The other side effect is that my phone is hardwired to the first gmail ID and it didn’t know what to do when that gmail account was gone.  My calendar didn’t work, my contacts froze up, I couldn’t email pictures from my phone to myself since there was no email account.  Grrr.

 I checked all the forums and it turns out you can’t ever change or delete the first gmail account you put on your Droid.   The only resolution was to do a hard reset of the phone.  So that meant backing up all my phone data, photographs, videos, contacts, notes, apps, etc.  Then resetting the phone to it’s original factory specifications.  I never did get everything off the phone.  But I figure it’s not a life-ending or life-altering loss.

In all, my problems are solved.  I only have one Gmail account now.  One Gmail sign on.  My Google Calendar synchs with my phone and it synchs with our home Outlook calendar.  The Daycare Picasa albums are gone, no biggie, but I have the photos I need in a new album and they are working like they should. 

All of this was not in my plans for the day, and probably took about 2 solid hours of time to get this all figured out.  Grrrrrr.  But the good news is I did it all while sitting down.  No physical energy exerted.  I was “resting”.