Trying to resume some normalcy.   I slept solid again last night. Holding a small pillow on my belly sure helps so I can lay on my side in a comfortable positition. My abdomen is still pretty swollen (leftover CO2 I’m guessing)- it feels heavy and big, so makes it uncomfortable to lay on my side.
         I didn’t take any oxycodone yesterday, just the Ibuprofen. I’ve also started backing off the frequency. The precription bottle says to take every 6 hours, but the doctor wanted me to take it every 4. I’m taking it every 5 hours now.
         I took a shower this morning, did my hair, light make-up. Still wearing fleece pants and a tank-top though, keeping the clothing comfortable. We plan to spend a bunch of time outside today, and I plan to spend a bunch of time on my feet. No worries, no yardwork for me, but I do want to keep upright and moving. Enjoy some vitamin D!
         I’m not sure if my altered mental state is due to the prescription ibuprofen, or my head cold which is STILL lingering. I don’t feel “normal” yet. And I don’t like it! I might need Mom to drive Brooke to and from preschool on Monday….I don’t think I should be operating heavy machinery yet. =o)
         I think my head-cold is bothering me more than my surgery! I’m still quite achy in the belly. Taking my ibuprofen every 5 hours. I can feel it about 4.5 hours after my last dose, so I think the 5-hour plan is a good one to stay on.
         I spent much of the day outside. Sometimes just sitting on the park bench on our front porch, sometimes walking around the cul-de-sac, I followed Jim around the yard a few times while he trimmed trees- pointing out branches that should go, or should stay in some cases! About 3:00 I had enough and came inside for the remainder of the day, pretty much just lounging on the couch watching the Olympics.

         Feeling pretty-much back to normal.   Pain is minimal, although still being managed with ibuprofen.  Swelling has gone down.  Bloating has gone down.  I’m not as tired as I was the first few days of recovery.  I was quite surprised how long anasthesia and prescription pain meds can stay in one’s system!!  WOW.
          I plan to spend my day getting caught up on my computer to-do’s.  Brooke and I might take a short walk to enjoy the sunny weather before it disappears, too.
         I did get caught up on a few of my miscellanous computer-type tasks.  I kept forgetting to take my pain meds, so the pain must not be too bad anymore.  I usually remember about an hour after the dose was due.  They want me to stay on the ibuprofen for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  I’ll stick with it for another couple days at least.

         Wow, almost a full week.  Still a bit tender in the belly, jeans are NOT very comfortable to wear unless they are super low rise.  I think once I get off the Ibuprofen that will help with the swelling and bloating.  But I’m not ready to stop them yet!  I’m most uncomfortable when I’m sitting up straight- the pressure it puts on my incisions I guess.  Reclined is perfect, standing is great, just not sitting straight.
         This morning Brooke and I went out for coffee and donuts, then ran a couple errands (went to the bank, bought lunchmeat for Jim, bought bandages for me, stopped by the Orthodontist to make our March payment).  Visited a friend for about a 1/2 hour, now we’re home getting ready to lounge on the couch and watch a movie!

         One week ago today, I was on my way to the hospital to have this surgery!  I talked to my doctor’s assistant yesterday, they gave me the all clear to stop taking the Ibuprofen. They originally told me the Ibuprofen was more important for inflammation than pain control, so I kept taking it even though my pain levels were tolerable. For the past two days, I’ve found myself looking at the clock, realizing it had been 1-2 hours since I was supposed to take my next dose. A definite indication that I don’t need it anymore. So as of yesterday morning, I have been med-free.
       I am sore, but the swelling has gone down considerably in the past 2 days.
         I was too active today.    After I took Brooke to school, I came back home with the intent of working on calm and low-activity projects.  Instead I took Trevor’s TV off his wall (defective- needed to exchange it) so had to go up in the attic to get the box and accessories.  Then I figured if I was exchanging that, I should also exchange Riley’s DVD player (the component input was defective).  So untangled all those cables and  went back up in the attic to find that box.  Back down and sorting through receipts to find the right ones.  Then I started cleaning our office.  And listing things on eBay and Craigslist (which means taking a picture of it in appropriate lighting, finding a box to ship it in, weighing it, etc.).  Then I went through clothing that Brooke has outgrown and started sorting it out, then going through Riley’s too smalls and putting those in boxes for Brooke and putting those in our 14′ tall closet- on the top shelf nonetheless.
         Too much bending, stretching, pulling, pushing, moving, dang it!  I had overdone it.  And that was all within the 2 hours Brooke was at school!  After I picked her up, we did go exchange the TV and DVD player, then went out to lunch, then came home and I sat on the couch the rest of the day!   Got caught up on about 3 days of recorded TV! 
         I promise that tomorrow will be more restful.   No sorting through boxes, carrying things throughout the house, no organizing anything or going up into the attic!

DAY EIGHT:  I did take it easy yesterday and I’m feeling great!

DAY NINE:   Today I am feeling great, although I am still under orders to take it easy through NEXT Friday. I’m slowly adding to my activity level.  With the exception of mopping, vacuuming, cleaning floors, unloading the dishwasher or carrying loads of laundry through the house, I have resumed most of my household duties.  So glad to have helpful kids! 
         I’ll admit I’d love to have some more days off to get caught up on things around here, and enjoy more “me” time….but on the other hand I’d love to get back to “normal life”.  I miss all my kids.  I miss the routine of the day.  I miss having responsibility.  So I am a bit anxious to get back to work, get back to life.