If you click on the link at the right for Your Homebased Mom and scroll down to her Candy Corn Cookie Bark Recipe….THAT is what I was trying to make. (Or take this shortcut and click here for her recipe and instructions.)

Apparently, I didn’t have enough white chocolate, or else I just filled too big of a cookie sheet with all the pretzels, candy corn and oreos.

I know have a lightly coated loose glob of sugary stuff sitting on a cookie sheet.  OK, well some parts are heavily coated, like in the picture below…but it looks nothing like Leigh Anne’s version!


My remedy will be to buy MORE white chocolate chips so I can really pour it on thick later tonight and hopefully salvage what I’ve made so far. Oops.

I was also going to make my traditional Holiday Popcorn (popcorn mixed with pretzel pieces, marshmallows and M&M’s drizzled with both white AND dark chocolate) but after today’s fiasco, I think one rich sugary treat is enough!

Update:  I ended up buying TWO more bags of white chocolate chips to melt and pour over.  Oh my it is sooooo good.  Sooooo sweet.  Sooooo rich.  A couple small pieces of this and you won’t even want any Halloween candy.  Uck.  This recipe is a keeper and something I’ll make every year.