Every morning I log onto msn.com and check out the headlines.   One of today’s featured articles was the “Top 5 Cars for Men vs. Women”.   Interesting, I thought. I wondered what it would say. I know what my top 5 cars are…and I wondered if they were on the women’s side or men’s side?  So I clicked on it. But before I could even read it, my eye shifted to a picture of a 2010 Mustang with the caption, “Roush unveils two 540-hp Mustangs“. Mmmmmm…..now THAT’s something I want to read about!  

I am in love.  If I could needlessly plunk $48K down on an impractical car today, this would be the one.  Forget that it only seats 4, well really 2.  And fuel economy….well it probably beats my Expedition, but this ain’t no family vacation car!  Sure, I can’t wait to take it to the beach for my scrapbooking weekends (oh that would be a FUN drive!).  I’d happily go get my groceries in it, too.  And frankly, much of the time, all five of us aren’t in the car together anyway, so I could use it to take the kids to and from soccer practice.  Yes, maybe it IS a practical car after all!

As far as ‘dream cars’ go, this is my “reality” dream car.  It’s something attainable.  Not like a Mercedes Guardian (hello Twilight fans!).   In actuality, my next vehicle will probably be another 8-passenger SUV…probably going with a Suburban next time around.   

A mustang is an attainable car.  Several years ago Jim and I agreed that when the 50th anniversary Mustangs were available, we’d seriously look into getting one.  Well that’s only 5-6 years from now.  Instead Jim and I have shifted that desire into a goal.  We’ve agreed that when we pay off our mortgage, we will reward ourselves with some sort of impracticle car…a Mustang Shelby, or BMW Z4, or some other muscle or luxury car.  

My "reality" dream car

So for the next few weeks, my “New Moon” desktop will be replaced with this gorgeous blue 2010 Mustang gracing my screen. 

Incentive to pay extra on the mortgage. 

Incentive that some day I WILL have an impractical car.

Some day…..