We had a busy soccer weekend.  Really busy. Saturday morning Trevor had a regular season game at 9am at PCC Rock Creek.  Riley had a game at noon.   Trevor’s team was also playing in the Willamette Cup tournament in West Linn…..two games:  12:15 and 4pm.

Trevor was on fire for the first game- playing his best game ever!  He usually plays midfield, but that morning Coach decided to mix things up a bit and had Trevor play forward. He loved it!  I don’t remember the score, but I know we won!

After the game ended, Jim and Trevor hopped in Coach’s car for a ride to the Willamette Cup.  The girls and I stayed back for Riley’s game.

  Soccer Oct 09_0004

Riley’s team won (again!) and Riley scored her first goal ever! She usually plays a Defender role, but the substitute Coach had her play Forward and she decided it was actually pretty fun!

  Soccer Oct 09_0003

 Immediately after her game we drove out to meet the guys.  They won the first game 5-0!  Coach used the same formation (from the morning) and had Trevor play forward, and Trevor scored another goal! I managed to snap a picture of it!

Trevor's 1st goal in the Tournament...too fast for the goalie to snap itup!
Trevor's 1st goal in the Tournament...too fast for the goalie to snap itup!

The second game didn’t start until 4:00, so we sat around and enjoyed the (mostly) sunny weather and had a picnic at the field.

When the game started, I was worried- this team looked tough. But we continued to play hard and play smart and beat them 5-0 also!   This gave our team the maximum points possible, putting us in the Finals….game time today at 1:30pm.

Soccer Oct 09_0007

Unfortunately, the team we were playing was also a hard playing – smart playing team. They also scored 5-0 on their games. It was an intense game.  Within the first 8 minutes the other team scored 2 goals!  At half-time the score was 0-4.  Our team has been undefeated thus far, so it was really hard on the kids to be down like that.  In the end, our team lost and the final score was 1-6.  It seemed like we had a lot more shots on goal, but their goalie just caught them all!  Trevor had several shots on goal, one of them was so high it hit the goal post (bummer). 

Soccer Oct 09_0010

Trevor was so worn out after the game….he was only briefly subbed and then had to get right back in each time and play as hard as he could.  In the final game he was in the entire time!

Soccer Oct 09_0011

Soccer Oct 09_0012

Anyway, we are proud of him and proud of his team.  He brought home a medal- he told me this morning he counted 20 medals from all his sports seasons!