Despite two soccer games on Saturday, my six-hour First Aid and CPR training class, and Jim working the night shift, we sure got a lot done! 

Our compost pile has been needing a fence around it, so a couple months ago we decided how we were going to fence the area off….this weekend we finally measured and cut and dug post holes, etc.  We still need to hang the fence panels, but the hard part is done at least!  We chose a pre-built cedar picket fence.  This way it looks nice, but isn’t a focal point or distraction and it will blend in with the solid ‘good neighbor’ cedar fence.

While Jim was digging the holes, I took the electric hedge-trimmer out to the front yard and trimmed all our shrubs.  They are now nice round ‘balls’ again instead of fuzzy looking oversized lumps.  Now my abs and arms are so sore…I can’t even hold a cup of coffee in my left hand and move it up to my mouth!  Had no idea I was that out of shape!

Inside, I hung up a rack for the preschoolers to hang their backpacks on, and spent an hour or so getting all my menus and meal counts finished for the month.  And of course every Sunday is floor and bathroom cleaning day, in addition to 3-4 loads of laundry.  DONE!

I even squeezed in a few hours of shopping with Riley!  She needed some dressy-type shoes and she wanted to use her Target birthday gift card to purchase a particular game (they were out).  So she bought herself a Fur-Real Hamster.  Named her “Jenny”. 

OH- and Fred Meyer currently has all their backpacks at 70% off (plus there’s a coupon in the paper for 15% off clothing and accessories)…so I picked up a bunch of backpacks for next year for just $7.65 each (regularly $30!).  That’s my money-saver tip for today!

It was a very productive weekend!