I keep a fruit fly ‘trap’ in my kitchen this time of year. The most effective solution I’ve found is to put a piece of fruit in a tall skinny jar. When there is an abundance of fruit flies in it, grab your vacuum cleaner and just suck them all up! I’ve also snuck up on the jar and covered it quickly, then taken the jar outside (near our compost pile) and removed the top so they could fly free.

We had something interesting happen last night.

We left our backdoor and garage door wide open, enjoying the last of the summer weather. We were outside much of that time and when we walked into our kitchen around 8:00- we were shocked at what we saw.

There must have been a THOUSAND fruit flies in our kitchen! What youIMG_4261 see in the picture is a FRACTION of what was flying in the air or landing on our walls and cabinet doors.

As of this morning I’m down to a few stragglers. They’ve all been victim to the vacuum cleaner.

Moral of the story: either leave your doors closed….or maybe take the fruit fly bait/trap outside when you DO want to leave your doors open!