Trevor and Riley both have soccer two nights a week, that means four nights a week we are out of the house during dinner time.

Fortunately, Riley’s practice is from 4:30-5:30, so we’re home in time to still make a nice dinner….although lately we use one of those evenings for our weekly Costco run and end up eating dinner there.

Trevor’s practice is from 5-6:30, which makes for a very late dinner. Jim decided he would try making dinner on those nights, since he is home about an hour before the kids and I get back.  Of course he wants some sort of instruction.  Keep in mind, his cooking experiences have been extremely limited!  

Yesterday was our first attempt. I cooked some ground elk for taco meat shortly after lunch, simmered it in spices and such, then put it back in the fridge so he could take it out and reheat it. I hung a magnetic white-board on the range hood with a note on what needed to be prepared in order to eat burritos for dinner.

It was a nice surprise to come home at 6:45 and the table was set, the meat was heated, cheese was shredded, refried beans were cooked, all the condiments were out! Fabulous! There’s hope after all!  Now I just have to come up with more easy dinner ideas that he can just assemble and not cook from scratch.