Do people even blog anymore? Seems like everything is podcasts and TikTok and…. social media. But sometimes, sometimes I just like to READ something!

If you aren’t familiar with Lashify…. let me tell you- GAME CHANGER when it comes to eye make-up.

Lashify replaces mascara.

Lashify replaces strip lashes.

Lashify replaces lash extensions.

If you like the look of lush long lashes, then you’ll like Lashify!

So what is Lashify? Well- the best thing for you to do is go check out their website, find their YouTube channel and watch videos, join their Facebook Lashify Life page…. but here’s the nuts and bolts of what Lashify is….

It’s like strip lashes, but they are in shorter segments called gossamers.

They are super light, super durable, and the bonding agents are supposed to be the best on the market-nourishing, super safe to use, and many long time users say that their natural lashes are the longest and healthiest they’ve ever been!

You can apply them and wear them for several days, or you can take them off whenever you want!

They are also reusable- if you clean them properly and take care of them.

They come in a variety of lengths, styles, colors- so you can create your own custom “lash map” to suit your personal preference!

I was terrified to give them a try because I have had ZERO luck with strip lashes. I’ve even tried the magnetic lashes- and couldn’t do those either. Why? Because I can’t see without my glasses on! Also, I don’t wear eye liner, so strip lashes look super weird.

So I was super nervous about trying Lashify. But I bit the bullet and went for it! I went back to my lash tech and had my extensions professionally removed (HIGHLY recommend doing this, rather than trying to get them off yourself at home- just let them do it, please!!)

Here’s how my lashes turned out after the extensions were removed- and here’s my first Lashify application:

That was my first ever application. I lined the gossamers (we’ll nickname those G’s for short) end to end, and if you look closely you can see the breaks/gaps between.

Now I overlap them slightly so it’s more seamless. But they look almost the same as extensions! YAY!

The G’s I’m using are Curl (C’s), Bold (B’s) and Fluffies (F’s). I have them in 10mm length and 12mm length (based on my extensions being 12mm length previously).

The next time I went for something a little more bold:

It’s almost like another language. B12 means “Bold” style in 12mm length.

This next look is even more bold- I used the “Fluffies”:

“Curl” 10mm in my inner corner, then “Curl” 12mm, then 3 “Fluffy” 12mm moving to the outer corner.

Anyway- I absolutely LOVE Lashify.

And I’m not having any issues with my far-sightedness- I still use a 10x magnifying mirror and just stand at my bathroom counter like I do whenever I apply make-up! Nothing different there!

As for durability (coming from a lash extension wearer):

The longest I’ve had a set last so far has been 4 full days (3 overnights). I showered daily, but didn’t put my face in the water. The lashes DID get wet though with runoff from rinsing my hair, but I was told to absolutely NOT touch them when they are wet, so I didn’t. No issues! One night I laughed so hard that I cried- no issues! They are so light that I can’t feel them, so that’s also a plus! At the end of the 4th day, there was a small amount of lifting at the outer corners, and while I could have just re-bonded them, I decided to take them off.

I’ll share my application and cleaning tips in a different post.

Here’s my advice if you are thinking about giving Lashify a try….

  • Join the Lashify Life Facebook page and just start reading it. It will feel very overwhelming at first because there are just so many options. So many styles, so many methods of bonding, so many questions! But it’s a good starting point to check it out. Yes, you will feel overwhelmed. Take a break if you need- it took me nearly 2 months to make the decision to buy.
  • Find YouTube videos to watch the application process. Watch a whole bunch of them. Over and over again.
  • If you decide to take the plunge and buy them, start by buying the “Control Kit”. You can choose a short (8/10mm) or medium (10/12mm) length, and they come in Amplify (A), Bold (B) or Curl (C). I ordered the C’s because I felt like they looked the most natural.

The Control Kit comes with allllmost everything you need. I recommend buying another gossamer cartridge in a different style (I chose 2 more- I got B12’s and F12’s).

You’ll also want to order Release (the agent that dissolves the bond so you can safely remove them without damaging your natural lashes).

Optional, but not necessary- the Pre-Cleanse cleaning solution to wash your natural lashes before applying. Many users just clean their lashes with any regular oil-free make-up remover, or an oil-free micellar water. The key is oil-free.

You can order all of that through Lashify, and I have a promo code I can give you to save 25% off the Control Kit. They often have sales, too, so you could wait and watch for one of those.

Other items you will find handy:

  • An empty contact lens case to drop the used gossamers into for ‘laundering’. You’ll need 91-99% isopropyl alcohol as well. 99% is the preferred.
  • Silicone gel mats- 2 of them. One for laying out your lash map before applying. The other for sorting out the used clean lashes before putting them away. Trust me. You want this- otherwise they will blow off the table/counter with the slightest breeze or movement. These silicone mats are key! Link here to the one’s I bought on Amazon
  • A soft make-up brush to use for cleaning the gossamers after use (less damaging and no-lint)
  • Spoolies (disposible mascara wands- you can get those on Amazon, too).

Things I bought that aren’t absolutely necessary (but they are to me, ha!):

  • Tiny plastic storage boxes to keep my used gossamers in. It’s a hassle to put them back into the original cartridge that they come in, so I just put the used clean ones into storage boxes. I have tons extra that I’m happy to sell off!
  • An extra wand. I prefer to have my wandoms (the plastic rubber tips) on my wand for fusing, but off for laundering, applying, etc. If I had a 2nd wand, I could leave them on full-time, and use the other wand for laundering, applying, etc. I was going to buy one from Lashify, but someone gave me a tip! You can either buy the Kiss Falscara wand, or go to the Lashify website and choose the ‘Practice Kit’- add it to your cart. Choose a gossamer cartridge (I chose another F12 since those are my favorite), and then use the code DUPE at check-out and the practice kit is FREE (must purchase a gossamer cartridge for it to be free)! I don’t want the other items in the practice kit, I just want the wand- and this way it’s free!! Although I’ve heard it’s not the same one exactly.
  • A travel size 10x mirror- for when I’m not at home and need to see what my lashes are doing- ha!

I’ll create another post later, sharing my tips and tricks for application!

Again- if you want the discount code for 25% off the Control Kit, let me know and I’ll get it to you!