So it’s been a few weeks now since her room make-over reveal (Sept 28th- you can read the ins and outs here):



We’ve done some more fine tuning and adding new touches.  To start, I mounted shelves and hung an “art string” for her to display some of her favorite things.


The other big improvement was adding a refinished nightstand and headboard (using chalkpaint, my tutorial and experience are coming soon).


For the first week or so, she did a decent job of keeping it “clean”.  Every couple days I’d take a picture of her room as a “let’s see how long she can keep it clean”.

Remember, it used to look like this:


And this:


Anyway…. here we are on October 13th- a good couple weeks past the major clean-up:


And later that week…


And just before Halloween…


Mayday Mayday!!!!!  (Did you notice how the dresser drawers are open in every pic above!)

I have to say, at least she makes her bed every morning!  And the simpler room is much easier to keep clean.  Most of the mess is laundry.

Over the weekend I had her clean her room again- which doesn’t take long at all.

Here’s a picture from today (Nov 3rd):


And the other side of her room:


Over the weekend she hung up some of her recent art pieces and put pictures in her picture frames.  All on her own!

As for whether or not this new room is helping her feel more relaxed or relieves stress, I’m not so sure.  But she DOES spend more time in there and now when her friends come over they have a place to hang out (and we hear lots of oooohs and ahhhhhhs when they enter the room, which makes her feel really good).

And when she’s in her room, she comes up with stuff like this:


And this:


Imagination in charge for sure!

Anyway, I’m happy with her room, she’s happy with her room, and that’s all that matters!