I’ve started several blog posts to further detail the past week, but for now here’s just a sneak peek. Between Sunday Sept 7th and Saturday Sept 13th….. THIS HAPPENED: Sunday:  A trip to Urgent Care, then sent to the ER.  Results:  a split lip (as in, he BIT clear through his lip) requiring 8 stitches, a fractured nose, three chipped teeth, abrasions on his chin and nose, about 20 abrasions on his left hand and a missing fingernail on his right hand.  (Which also meant a trip to the dentist 2 days later to get his teeth fixed, and a trip to his regular physician 4 days later to have the packing removed from his nailbed and his stitches removed from the outside of his lip). PhotoGrid_1411008031291   Thursday:  Kenna had to be euthanized.  The past year has really been a struggle for her. 10679851_10204890824856134_6885046873693263463_o   Saturday night:  An Urgent Care visit for Riley.  We are experts now on where to go!  Results: a broken ankle. PhotoGrid_1411007897249   There!  That’s THREE, right?  The Law of Three states that bad things happen in threes.  At first our thought was- “Two ER visits two weekends in a row for two of our kids…. I guess Brooke is next!  Better wrap her in bubblewrap and ground her to the couch this weekend to prevent any further trips to the ER!” But I suppose Kenna counts as the third. But it gets worse…. We got a call on Monday (that same week) that one of the rental properties was having a problem with the garbage disposal. We took care of that on Saturday.  While we were there, another rental property called to say that there had been a fire: 1924371_10204919517373429_5875559414544655670_n So Jim and I were talking tonight…. wondering what the third rental property will report this week…..and Jim pointed out that the week prior, they had contacted us about a toilet issue- and they purchased the parts and kit and repaired it themselves. Yes…. we have had an eventful month around here!  I hope we are done for a long time.  And I cannot wait to see what the bills are going to be for all of it!  Yikes!