Remember how I said if anything wakes me in the middle of the night, I can not get back to sleep?

Well, at 3 AM it sounded like a squeaky toy was outside our bedroom window. What the heck was THAT? I heard it again. This time it was followed with a “Hooo, Hoo Hoo, Hooo”. Great, I thought. Then again….squeaky squeaky squalk…..Hooo, Hoo hoo, Hooo.” I pictured a mama owl with her son, out flying around the various neighborhoods, stopping at ours and she’s telling him all about it, giving him tips and warnings, and he’s responding to what she’s telling him. This continued for what seemed like forever….then I heard his squeaky squalk farther away, and her response, then they were gone. Owls are not the norm for our neighborhood. I think I’ve only heard them maybe twice before, in the 11 years that I’ve lived here. I wondered if it was the same owls that live (or visit) behind my parents’ house about 3 miles away!

So then I lay awake (or half awake) for the next hour. I so rarely wake up during the night that when I do….a resounding “Noooooooo!!” enters my head and then I panic. What if I can’t fall back asleep? What if I start thinking about the day ahead? What if I start thinking in general and it wakes me up more! Nooooooo!!

I did manage to fall back asleep, but boy was I extra tired when my alarm clock went off. Coincidentally, MSN posted an article today on how to handle sleeplessness: Click here for the MSN sleep article