They say that when you can’t decide between two options, the right option is the one that makes you feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted.

As I previously posted, if we don’t get the 4100 house, I will feel relieved and like a weight has been lifted.  I will be sad, though.  Really sad.  Because I really thought we could own my childhood home again.  I have emotional ties to this place, it’s not just another house.  And walking away from it is going to be hard.

A couple weeks ago Jim and I discussed what we should do if they counter offer.  We agreed that we’d be comfortable ok paying $210,000 for the house, because we still felt it was a good value at that price.

And it happened.

We received a “Counter-Offer” yesterday.


I was pissed.  And the more I thought about it, the more pissed I became.  Jim is furious.  We’d love to get legal involvement, but really, our agreement with Bank of America expired in December of last year.  Although we have emails from the Keller Williams office stating that we are still the accepted offer and that our offer has been resubmitted to the bank, we don’t have any documentation from Bank of America stating that those offers were re-approved.  All we have is “word” from Keller Williams that we were still proceeding.  Yet Bank of America sold the loan to Green Tree?  Hmmm….

After much discussion last night, we’ve decided not to counter back.  Buying this house has been so darn complicated and it shouldn’t be this hard.

If we can get it for our original price, great!  But we won’t pay a penny more.

I typed up the following response (stomping my feet as lady-like as possible), hoping they will give us one last shot at our original offer.

I’m fully expecting to receive a “Decline” letter… and that will be the end of the “stupid house” saga.

Is GreenTree aware that the ASKING price on the house is $180,000?

Or was that “asking price” changed and not communicated to us.  And when did that take place?

Are they aware that the upstairs improvements were done without permit and not to code?  For us to utilize the upstairs properly we need to obtain permits, do tear-outs and rebuilding.

Are they aware of the inspection findings?

-roof beam on rear of house is rotted and pulling away- needs to be replaced by contractor

-loose siding at chimney base causing water damage risk

-rot on fascia boards

-gutters and downspouts are rusted and need to be replaced

-exterior needs repainting

-issues with drain lines and improper venting

-non-operational damper in fireplace

I can provide a copy of the inspection report. It was done last year when we had the closing date of December 6th. (At that time we also had an appraisal done- the home appraised at $202,000.)

Are they aware that after we had the appraisal and inspection done, the homeowners went back in and removed a light fixture, bathroom mirror, garden/storage shed, gallons of matching paint and blinds?  These were things we expected to remain with the home.

There are several cosmetic issues that also need to be dealt with (carpet staining, wall damage in Master, the kitchen counter missing tiles, kitchen cabinets not closing, and have they seen the yard???).

For GreenTree to counter offer when we already had a purchase and sales agreement in place, and it’s a SHORT SALE, is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable business practice.  And to raise the price by $50,000?  When it’s in the condition it’s in?

I kept in communication with Keller Williams and the title company throughout this entire process, wanting to make sure our offer still stood as the accepted offer and that we were going to be able to proceed.

The Keller Williams office repeatedly responded via email that yes, our offer has been resubmitted to the bank (it’s just pending lien removal), and that we are still the current accepted offer.  The most recent email being September 19th, 2013.  I also have one dated July 17th that states the HUD-1 was resent to Bank of America.

It is still unclear to me HOW Bank of America was able to sell this loan, when we had an agreement to purchase the home.  Unless the Keller Williams office was misleading us.

I’m expecting our Short Sale Negotiator to act on our behalf and continue with the purchase price of $192,500 as originally approved and agreed upon.

Anyway- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.

If we don’t get the house- well then- we’ve got some fantastic plans for THIS house and we can take the kids to Mexico in June as originally planned!