I guess this week marks the 4th week that we’ve been working on the house!?  Wow.

We tackled and wrapped up some big projects (and miscellaneous loose ends) this week.

The biggest job (for ME) was the new countertops!


You can read more on that experience here.

The biggest job for Jim was painting all the doors in our make-shift paint booth in the garage (thank goodness for super high ceilings!):


All the doors were rehung (which wasn’t without difficulty as the doors had swelled ever so slightly with the paint, making a couple doors a really tight fit!)

Other projects that were tackled and completed…..

I spent a bunch of time scraping soap scum off the shower:


Seriously.  I’m willing to wager that the soap was Irish Spring.  The only way to remove it was to wet it and scrape it off.  Worked like a charm once I figured that out!

I gave the kitchen some finishing touches over the weekend.  One was hiding the holes in the floor around the oven feet with wood printed stickers!


And upgraded the kitchen lighting from discolored clear-ish plastic to icy white plastic:


And rehanging all the cabinet doors and putting the drawers back in- then realizing that the knobs aren’t going to “go” with the new kitchen since they are bronze and everything else is gray/black/stainless steel.  Oopsie.  So for now everything is knobless.

I finished caulking around the floor where any gaps were found (Pergo-type flooring).  Also recaulked around the tub and shower.

And I finished any touch-up painting (like around the playroom window and sliding door where someone used non-paintable caulk.  I think after 3 more coats of BIN primer and 2 coats of paint we might finally have it covered.  For a while at least.)

This is what happens when you try to paint over non-paintable caulk:


I believe we are 100% done with all our painting projects- including touch-ups.  THANK GOODNESS.

On Sunday my mom suggested I apply a polycrylic/polyurethane coat to the kitchen cabinets for added durability. So I went to Rockler and picked up their “armor” coat and applied coat number one to the cabinets/drawers.  Yep, left them hanging.  Was not about to take them all down again.  Coat #2 will go on Monday night.  Coat #3 will go on Tuesday morning.


Jim had some big jobs over the weekend, too!

His time was spent cleaning the roof, cleaning the gutters, spraying the roof with moss control, fixing the downspouts, reattaching some loose gutters that were pulling away from the house, pruning a tree, and spreading gravel along the driveway and on both sides of the house.

The kids were put to work mowing the lawns, raking needles and leaves, cleaning the patios and loading all the leftover toys and items into our trailer to bring over to our house to clean up and either sell next summer in a garage sale, or just take to Goodwill.

Still to do this week:

  • Carpet installation on Thursday
  • Install floor trim piece at garage door & patio door in family room to cover flooring gap (planned for Tuesday)
  • 2 more coats of “armor” (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Kitchen backsplash (Thursday)
  • Install trim in Master Bedroom (floor, closet jamb, sliding door jamb- planned for Sunday)
  • Install wall base trim in Living Room (planned for Sunday)
  • Remove all our stuff from the garage (Sunday)

Next week:

  • Scrub bathrooms one last time
  • Empty all the cabinets/cupboards and wipe clean
  • Get every last little thing out of there
  • Put supplies up in attic

Sooooooo close to being done.  I see a big juicy steak dinner in my future- and lots of relaxing on the couch watching movies and TV for the next several weekends.  (Although the reality is that OUR house has been neglected for the past month and there’s tons to do around here- including yardwork.  It went 4 weeks without mowing or weeding or pruning or deadheading anything.  Ugh.)