Whew! I feel like we are finally on the downhill side of this!  AND we think we have a renter!

This weekend our agenda is painting trim- all the floor and door and window trim.  Once that is done, and we rehang the chair rail in the bedrooms (and hang the closet curtains again) those two bedrooms can be checked off the list!  Jim spent last night painting the closet interiors (2nd coat) and reinstalling the wire closet organizers.

The master bathroom still needs to have the new light fixture installed, but I’ve reinstalled the newly ORB’d towel bars and TP dispenser, the walls have all been painted, I freshened up the cabinet fronts…. all that’s left is a good scrubbing of the shower and floor!  Oh, and floor trim.

The main bathroom just needs a good scrubbing of the tub/shower and toilet.  I pre-cut the mosaic tile for the backsplash, but need to install that (Friday night).  Once that is up and grouted and the bathroom is clean IT can be checked off the list.

The living room still needs trim, the dining room needs to have the trim painted.  Once those are done those two rooms can be checked off the list.

The bonus room needs painted trim….otherwise it’s done.

The kitchen is still a work in progress.  I haven’t painted the fronts of the cabinets, only the backs.  The hinges have been freshened up. I still need to buy wall paint.  I started skimming the soffets to smooth them out, but have since decided that I want to cover them completely with wood and crown moulding so they look like part of the cabinets instead of like a soffet.  We also need to refinish the countertops and install the tin backsplash.  And of course rehang the cabinet doors!

So there’s our agenda for the weekend: painting trim, installing trim, painting cabinet door fronts, installing the tile backsplash, and painting all the doors (using a paint sprayer for that).

I have carpet scheduled for installation the week of October 1st!