It’s been a while… a long while.  Just to recap (high level this time)…

May 30, 2012 we tour the house

May 31, 2012 we make an offer on the house even though 5 other offers have already been submitted and one has already been accepted

September 11, 2012 we learn that the first offer has fallen through and our offer is now the accepted offer!  Yippee!

We sign an agreement to purchase, the bank approves our offer and approves us as buyers, but there’s a requirement that the liens on the house are removed.  The seller is going to file Bankruptcy to wipe those out, so we’re in a holding pattern.

And that takes us to today….well, a couple weeks ago actually.  We’d learned in March that the Bankruptcy was finally taking place with a discharge date of June 26th.   After waiting a couple weeks for processing time, a title was pulled on the house and it still showed a couple of the liens attached.   The seller’s bankruptcy paperwork finally reached the title and listing agent and we found some interesting things on there…

1) Nowhere in the bankruptcy filing does it mention the 4100 house.

2) Every lien/judgment listed is attached to a house on 30th Ave.  Hmmm.

3) Not all the liens/judgments are included in the BK.

Turns out she owns two houses- the 30th Ave and the 4100 house….and for some reason, yes, not all the liens were included in the BK.  But her attorney is working on it, she’s being cooperative, the bank still considers our offer as the accepted offer and they are just awaiting a clear title in order to send us a new approval letter.

We’ve been told to sit tight for a couple weeks, shouldn’t take long.

We hope.

In the meantime, here’s how the house looks today:



And here’s how it looked when we had the inspection done back in November:



Front yard- maintenance needed
Front yard- maintenance needed

And here’s how it looked back in the 1980’s:


image_2012_6_7_0002(rev 1)

6-2(rev 1)

Oh wow.  We have a lot of work to do.  Ugh.