I have 4 weeks off work….. and plan to use that time to wrap up unfinished projects, schedule appointments, take classes, do some crafting, and of course spend some time with the kids!

This is in addition to any tasks or projects that Jim and I deem necessary (like replacing some boards on the play structure, installing shelving in the daycare/bike shed, installing a fence, fixing a fence, fixing the fountain in the front yard)

This list is ALL me, all things that I can do during what would normally be “work” hours.  And the clock starts Friday June 28th at 12:30.   Here we go!  I’ll be checking things off as I go along….and if I add to the list it will be in a different color.

I NEED to:

Take my 2-hour Photography Class (done 7/9)
Childcare Training Class #1: Play- a Child’s Work
Childcare Training Class #2: Nurturing Secure Relationships
Childcare Training Class #3: Partnering with Parents (done 7/9)
Childcare Training Class #4: Managing Stress
Schedule CPR Training Class (done 7/5)
CPR & First Aid Online Class
CPR Exam (scheduled for 8/10)
Submit Background Checks (done 7/1)
May Receipts & Reports
June Receipts & Reports
Add sand to the patio (pavers) (done 7/2, but needs second sweeping)
Remove 6×10 section of patio (done 7/8)
Re-grade and re-set pavers (done 7/10)
Nikita to vet for vaccinations/checkup (done 7/1)
Kenna to vet for vaccinations/checkup (done 7/1)
Schedule Carpet Stretching of whole house (scheduled for 7/5 at 9am)
GET my carpets stretched (done 7/6)
Schedule Carpet cleaning of whole house
Get my carpets cleaned
Prune shrub by front door (done 7/3)
Prune spiral tree by gazebo (done 7/3)
Paint the playroom doors (they are soooo banged up!)
Burn PhotoCD for daycare family (done 6/28)
Replace the cover on the bench- big ripped hole (done 7/17)

Not on any Lists…. but done:

Caulk the trim in the bathroom and repaint (done 7/5)
Bleach the grout in the daycare bathroom (done 7/5)
Seal the grout in the daycare bathroom (done 7/6)
Fix the fountain (done 7/4)
Sell the couch, bowflex and elliptical (done 7/6)
Clean the office to make room for the Precor weight set (done 7/7)
Backup cell phone and hard reset to factory – ugh (done 7/10)
Hook up old computer to save old emails to file, take back apart, list monitor on Craigslist (done 7/10)

I’d LIKE to:

ItsDeductible the 2013 Charity Donations
Remove prior year charity donations from MM (done 6/29)
Remove old daycare photos from MM (done 6/29)
Hang decor in bedroom (done 7/5)

Take more stuff to Goodwill (done 7/15)
Clean the window tracks (done 7/15)
Clean all the window screens
Empty and reorganize bathroom cabinet
Sew Trevor’s shorts (done 7/8)
Sew Brooke’s skirt (done 7/8)
Sew Laundry Hamper lining (done 7/8)
Sew dog bed (done 7/8)
Bedding Pillows- spacebag & put up in attic
Install board to hang school folders/boxes so they aren’t on the table top


The kids want me to:

Make cookies with them
Paint their nails (done 7/11)
See Monsters Inc 2 (done 7/15!)
Have me watch their swim lessons (6/28, 7/8 + more!)
Take them to the pool (we went on 6/28, 7/1, and there’s more to come!)
Play slip’n’slide
Have a garage sale (um, not happening.  No time)
Have me print pictures with them and their friends
Cut Trevor’s hair!

Hobbies I’d like to spend time on:

Photograph kids’ papers for last school year
SCRAPBOOK last school year!
Scrapbook kids past school years
Start 2012 Scrapbook
Start 2013 Scrapbook
Start Disneyland Vacation Scrapbook
Family Tree stuff
Bob’s Memory Book